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Taktical Growth Hacks – #76

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Growth Hacks:

Taktical Growth Hacks - UGC

Growth Hack #1 – + 300% CTR With User Generated Content:

Online companies that highlight user generated content in their ads increase their CTR by 300%, and decrease CPC by 50%.

Here’s three ways you can start using UGC right now:

1. Release a branded hashtag.

2. Announce a photo contest.

3. Launch a giveaway.


Growth Hack #2 – Use the Right Sources to Get People to Trust Your Brand:

Nielsen conducted a global survey to determine the sources that consumer trust most.

Here are the top 6:

1. 86% of respondents trust recommendations from people they already know.

2. 70% trust branded websites.

3. 66% trust other consumers’ opinions posted online.

4. Articles/editorial content: 66%

5. Brand-sponsored online content: 61%

6. Emails and newsletters they subscribed to: 56%

Note: 30% of people suspect a brand is censoring or writing fake recommendations if there are only positive reviews.


Taktical Growth Hacks - lead magnet

Growth Hack #3 – How to Make Lead Magnets Work for You Beyond the Opt-In:

Lead magnets and downloadable/free content or offers can incentivize people past the top of the funnel phase.

When you use lead magnets further along the funnel, you can:

– get more information from subscribers (e.g. phone number, job info)

– boost their initial purchase/re-purchase intent

Source: 500 startups

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