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Taktical Growth Hacks – #78

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Growth Hacks:

Taktical Growth Hacks - Elvis

Growth Hack #1 – Boost Sales With Just a Thank You:

Offer new subscribers and established customers something that will keep them coming back. One technique that’s been shown to work is building a ‘thank you’ page to entice users into interacting further with your products. displayed a thank you page to users who had just registered for their email list.

The site tracked these visitors with a pixel so they could follow up with social proof, along with a new product offer.

In less than a week, the brand saw:
– 2654 opt-ins
– Over 6% click rate
– 27 purchases (a roughly 16% conversion rate)
Over $1000 in revenue from said opt-ins


Growth Hack #2 – How to Make Quora Your Marketing Secret Weapon:

Answering a question on a Quora forum can give you widespread exposure, and help you find leads and drive conversions.

Great examples of this come when you look at queries for “San Francisco” and “Startup Business Development.” Together, the two topics have a following of over 17,000.

Google ranks Quora for each of these terms, driving millions of views to the site every week. Use this to your advantage, and show your expertise by answering questions on Quora. As a result, you could see yourself rising in the SERPs.


Taktical Growth Hacks - YouTube

Growth Hack #3 – Boost YouTube Views by Over 150% With Custom Preview Images:

What do 90% of the most successful YouTube videos have in common? According to the YouTube Creator Academy, they all take advantage of custom thumbnails, which essentially provide a snapshot preview of the video.

Here are four things to keep in mind when using the tool:

1. Choose distinct thumbnails for each video; don’t stick with the same title screen. Changing it up will alert viewers to new content.

2. Use thumbnails to tell your audience a bit about the video. By contextualizing your image, you can entice viewers into watching your content.

3. Be sure to use high-quality images. Image dimensions of 1280 x 720 pixels are ideal, and if you choose to include text, make sure it’s large enough to be read on any sized screen.

4. During the editing process, zoom in and out to see how your thumbnail will appear on different devices. You can find a device report via YouTube Analytics that will tell you how much of your audience is viewing your content on mobile.

Images aren’t the only important thing to keep in mind when posting a new video. Think of your title as another opportunity to get your target audience to click on your video as soon as it goes live.

By including these tools in your video marketing strategy, you can boost your YouTube video views by 154%.


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