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Taktical Growth Hacks – #86

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Taktical Growth Hacks - redheads in ads

Growth Hack #1 – The Right Hair Color in Your Ad Can Boost CTR Over 60%:

Bear with us on this one:

Matthew Woodward ran a funny experiment through Facebook ads.

He set 3 advertising campaigns. Everything was identical except for the hair colors of the women featured in the images. He included:

– A blonde woman

– A brunette

– A redhead

Can you guess the result?

Redheads get 40.4% greater CTR than brunettes and 66.6% higher CTR than blondes.

We did warn you this was weird.


Growth Hack #2 – Improve CTR By Featuring Images With People:

When selecting the background or main images to use in your display ads, using images that contain people is the most reliable bet.

Researchers examined 60 brands. Overall, ads that contain images of people have a 12% higher CTR than those which do not.

The takeaway: people like people!


Taktical Growth Hacks - minimalist LP

Growth Hack #3 – Less is More for +844% Landing Page Conversions:

The HOTH had a typical landing page with sections like: Video, Signup form, Featured at, Description, How it works, Money back guarantee, Fanatical support, Team.

They then created a super minimalist page with only:

– sign-up form

– 6 word title

– 8 word subtitle

Result: Account signups increased from 1.39% to 13.13% (up by 844%)!


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