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Taktical Growth Hacks – #87

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Taktical Growth Hacks - emojis

Growth Hack #1 – Emoji CTAs Increase Facebook Ad Engagement +386%:

Aaron Zakowski ran a test to see how he could get more people to click ‘play’ on his Facebook video ads.

His solution?

Add some emojis of speakers to get people to click for sound.

Result: The ad with the emoji CTA had 1.7% of viewers click the play button for sound while the version without it only had 0.35% of people click the play button.

That’s an improvement of 386% for the version with the emoji CTA.

Growth Hack #2 – Add Popup Annotations to Mobile Youtube Videos:

YouTube has 1.3 billion users who watch 5 billion videos every day and more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

Adding annotations to a video boosts your views/retention, but annotations don’t show up on mobile!

Here’s how to fix it: Use YouTube Cards instead.

1. Go to your YouTube channel.

2. Click your video.

3. Click on the cards icon.

4. Press “Add card”


Taktical Growth Hacks - WhatsApp

Growth Hack #3 – Increase Sharing 38% By Adding a WhatsApp Button:

BuzzFeed tested WhatsApp’s share button and found that 38% more people share via WhatsApp than via Twitter.

Aviary said that WhatsApp shares were almost the same level as Facebook and Instagram.

This is all probably because WhatsApp has 900M users (vs. Twitter`s 300M), plus the open rate is over 90%.

How to embed the share button:

1. WordPress plugin

2. AddToAny widget



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