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Taktical Growth Hacks – #89

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Taktical tips - YouTube subscribers

Growth Hack #1 – Increase YouTube Subscribers By 400%:

We all know the power of YouTube when it comes to customer engagement through video.

So how can you get even more viewers?

Simply add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your Youtube channel URL.

For example:

Link users from all of your videos, website, tweets, blog, etc. to this URL.

Everybody will see a popup “Confirm Channel Subscription”, which ended up increasing YouTube subscribers by 400%.

Growth Hack #2 – 33 Powerful Words to Transform Your Copy:

The importance of copy can’t ever be underestimated.

33 surefire words to turbo-charge the authority of your headlines, product names, buttons, and email subject lines:

Iron clad, Proven, Validate, Authentic, Genuine, Bona fide, Legitimate, Reliable, Official, Final, Backed, Guaranteed, Research, Studies, Results, Solution, Honest, Complete, Psychological, Comprehensive, All-Inclusive, Absolute, Definitive, Authoritative, Conclusive, Authority, Surefire, Formula, Strategy, Expert, Report, Document, Literally, Powerful.


 Taktical tips - Twitter

Growth Hack #3 – Steal Your Competitors’ Fans on Twitter:

Competitors or related companies might have a huge following on Twitter. Use this to your advantage and hack their growth!

Step 1: Visit, and download a report on your target Twitter account’s followers (a free account can get you 50,000 contacts).

Step 2. Submit the list of usernames and URLs to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and crowdsource the email addresses.

Step 3. Pop these users into a google mail merge (or the mailing software of your choice) with the subject line “I saw you follow xxxxxx”.

Step 4. Profit from their success

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