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Taktical Growth Hacks – #91

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hacks from Taktical - LinkedIn

Growth Hack #1 – Search on Google for More Sales Through Linkedin:

LinkedIn allows you to search only inside your network, up to 3rd connections.

This rule can come back to bite when you are entering a new market and have a lack of connections or leads.

Here is a hack to overcome this barrier and use the platform to increase sales:

Go to Google and search any (or all) of the following:
1) AND [job title]
2) AND [company]
3) AND [skill/category]
4) AND [company] AND [job title]
5) AND VP OR SVP OR EVP OR Director OR Manager OR SalesOps

Let the leads pour in.


Growth Hack #2 – Losing Sucks More Than Winning Rules:

In a psychological study, all subjects were given $50. And then they were asked to choose:

#1A. Keep $30.
#2A. Have a 50/50 chance of keeping or losing $50.

And later:

#1B. Lose $20.
#2B. Have a 50/50 chance of keeping or losing $50.


#2B was chosen at a 43% higher rate than #2A. People hate losing.

What this means for you:

Instead of “Save $20 Now!!” try “If you Don’t Sign Up Now, You’ll Lose Your $20 Credit!”


hacks from Taktical - blue button

Growth Hack #3 – Increase CTR Using a Blue Button:

3Q Digital queried their database for ads that contained rectangles that made up less than 33 percent of the canvas (Buttons, basically).

They ran a query on the typical color of buttons created and posed the question, “Which button color works best?”

The answer is blue.

When blue buttons are compared to others, the blue button color yields an average increase to CTR of 6.19 percent.

No other color had a common trend of increased CTR.



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