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Taktical Growth Hacks – #92

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Taktical tips - long tail SEO

Growth Hack #1 – 200K Visitors a Month from Long Tail SEO:

The longer the keyword, the easier it is to rank well on Google.

Neil Patel gets 238,195 visitors/month from long tail phrases.

Here’s how you can start using long-tail keywords in your content:

1. Log into your Google Analytics -> “Acquisition” -> “Keywords” -> “Organic”

2. Take each short keyword phrase (<4 words) and type it into Google one by one to see what other long tail phrases (>/=4 words) it might suggest

3. Edit your page, utilizing these long tail phrases.

Note: Make sure your keyword density is below 3%.

Growth Hack #2 – +40% Contest Conversions by Being Specific:

What’s the difference in this contest copy: “$500 giveaway” vs “October $500 giveaway”?

A research project that analyzed 3 million visitors showed that, when you specify the month of the contest, conversion rates increase by an astounding 40%.


Taktical tips - more sales

Growth Hack #3 – 300% More Sales Leads When You Address a Customer Pain Point:

Gr8tFires – which makes wood-burning stoves and fireplaces – discovered that one of the biggest customer pain points is the cost of installation.

So what did they do?

1. They installed an exit popup (shows up when you are about to abandon the page).

2. In the popup they offered an installation calculator for free in exchange for an email address.

Result: a 300% increase in monthly sales leads.



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