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Taktical Growth Hacks – #95

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Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #1 – Increase Conversions 40% Using Data:

One of these two headlines performed better than the other:

1st – “The simple test that increased our referrals”.

2nd – “The simple test that increased our referrals by 30%”.

The second looks more promising. But by how much? +40%!

Data makes your headlines stronger.

Here is the go-to massive resource with all kinds of data for more compelling headlines:


Growth Hack #2 – Convert Trial Users to Paid Faster With a Discount:

Does your product have a free trial? If so, you know how important it is to get people to stay on after the trial period ends.

Try this: Somewhere in the middle of that trial, offer users a one time chance to end their free trial early in exchange for a big discount on the first month of using the product.

Send an email, text, or push notification from your app that reads something like: “End Trial Now – Get 1 Month Free. This special offer expires in 59:59 minutes [countdown].”

Source: GrowthHacks

Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #3 – Improve E-Commerce Conversions by Removing Social Share Buttons: removed social sharing buttons from its product pages. This increased ‘add to cart’ actions by 11.9%.


The number of shares on most of the product pages was zero. While a high number of shares and likes act as a positive reinforcement, the opposite is also true. A low number of shares breeds distrust in the mind of the customer about both the company and the quality of the product.

Social proof can work both ways.



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