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Taktical Growth Hacks – #96

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Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #1 – Make the Front Page of Reddit: 

Datastories analyzed 4 million data points to see what makes it to the front page of Reddit.

Here’s what they discovered:

#1. 5pm – 9pm PST is the hottest upvote time.

#2. Images get many more upvotes than text posts.

#3. Very positive or very negative posts perform significantly better than neutral ones.

#4. Text posts get more comments and stay on the front page longer.

#5. These 5 sub-reddits completely dominate the front page of Reddit: r/funny, r/pics, r/gifs, r/TodayILearned, r/gaming

#6. Putting a number in your headline increases the chances of being among the top posts.

#7. Internal self-posts live significantly longer than external posts.



Growth Hack #2 – Send Push Notifications After Work Hours for Maximum Impact:

Leanplum, a mobile marketing automation tool, broke down 671 million pushes to uncover some interesting trends on time of day targeting for push notifications.

Pushes sent and opened trends upward throughout the day, with a small peak around noon, a slightly larger one around 3pm, and the largest in the evening.

The post-evening trend is interesting: After 6pm pushes that were opened starts to trend higher, relative to previous hours. Meanwhile, pushes sent is lower.

This indicates that while mobile apps are delivering a ton of pushes leading up to evening, it’s more effective to time them post-evening, when engagement is highest.

This makes sense when you consider that after work, people are more likely to be winding down and checking their phones.



Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #3 – +28% Conversion Rate With HTML Buttons in Email:

Campaign Monitor sent their emails with the Call to Action as a link at the bottom.

Then they changed the link to an HTML button like the one in the picture above.

Result: their click-throughs increased by 28%.

Buttons are more clickable than links.




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