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Taktical Growth Hacks – #97

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Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #1 – Reduce Image Size by 50% for Better SEO:

Lots of people forget that a big part of your Google rankings is based on how quickly your website loads.  You can check yours with Google’s own “Pagespeed Insights” tool.

The most common problem facing websites is unoptimized images.

SEO ninja Jacob Hagberg suggests this quick hack: Optimize images with the “LOSSY” Filter from

This reduces the image size by 50% without loss of quality.

Source: Jacob Hagberg at InitialEffort


Growth Hack #2 – One Word to Increase Email Open Rate by 79%:

Your email subject line is the difference between a recipient opening or ignoring your message. Check out the impact in email open rates when you use one of these words in the subject line.


– Free: +2%

– Freebie: +26%

– Urgent: +79% 

– Thank you: +57%


– Cancelled: -40%

– Helping: -12%

 – Donate: -56% 

– Last chance: -45%



Taktical tricks and tips

 Growth Hack #3 – 2X More Leads With Fast Email Follow-Up

Fast email follow-up for leads (within 1 hour or better yet 1 minute) gets TWICE as high response rate and less time / fewer calls to qualify.

Get notified, then call them back immediately!

Some ways to get fast notifications:

– Email alert or Zapier to get lead notifications

– ToutApp or Hubspot for 1:1 email tracking notifications




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