Use Exit Popups:

A popup that gets in a user’s face at the time of trying to exit your website is a perfect way to grab an email before it’s too late.

Exit Popups can outperform other Calls to Action by as much as 1000%!


With Cart Abandonment Emails, Speed Matters!

SalesCycle recently found that the highest conversion rate (5.2%) for cart abandonment emails was for emails sent only 20 minutes after the user leaves!

Compare that to 4.6% for an hour and 2.6% for 24 hours.


What Kind of Blog Posts Get the Most Shares?

Hubspot performed a 6 month analysis on 21,000 blog post shares to figure out which type of posts get the most shares. Lists, “Why”, Video”, “how to” and Explainer posts. Here are the results:

  • Lists narrowly claimed the most social traction at 22.45%
  • Why-posts earned 22.32% of social traction.
  • Videos drew 18.94% of total shares and performed well in Q4.
  • How-to articles earned 18.42% of shares.
  • What-posts had the lowest social traction, earning 17.88% of total shares.



The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics –

The Fundamentals of Data Driven Outbound Sales