Case Study: Artsy



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Popular art listing website built using JavaScript leaving the site unreadable Google. Artsy needed to diagnose why they weren’t showing up in search results and how to gain more traffic and ultimately conversions.

Services rendered:
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO

The Challenge

Artsy had received majority of their traffic from PR, branding, and social events and now needed to focus on driving traffic through SEO.  Google was unable to read Artsy's javascript based website, and penalized their rankings. 


The Solution

Working closely with Artsy developers, we built a custom solution that allowed Artsy to take advantage of Google algorithm by taking periodic screenshots of the website and automatically converting them into hard coded HTML.

  • - We broke the website into sections and evaluated each from a commercial keyword value perspective,
  • - Defined artist and artwork pages as primary concerns, prioritized those as primary SEO targets,
  • - Developed a robust link-building plan and optimized the website design for conversions and utilized tools to track incoming keywords and they likelihood of conversions for each group.

The Results

Within three months, Artsy's traffic TRIPLED and conversions were up 636%. Over the next two years, Artsy reached over 1 million organic visits monthly.

With this, Artsy was able to reach a valuation of over $250 million.

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