Tagpop is home to the largest selection of vintage clothing anywhere online.



Tagpop sells Tshirts for $5, and other clothing items at extremely low price points. Operating at this level means profit margins are razor thin, and cost per conversion must fit into this margin for paid social channels to be profitable and scalable for Tagpop.

Tagpop hired Taktical solve their problem.


 Taktical Digital’s approach was two-fold, structure Facebook Ad campaigns specifically to identify a baseline of our most engaged audience while then subsequently curating creative and testing based to cater specifically to those extractions.

Through rigorous testing of audiences, custom and interest targeting and finally demographic data, Taktical Digital was able to slice through data enough to activate a granular, high converting segment that budget was shifted to for scale.





Tagpop saw a 59.4% drop in cost per conversion and more than doubled ROAS.

Click Through Rate saw an increase of 57.8%.

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