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edit titles

Growth Hack #1 – Write With Your Eraser

Consider it like this: You get $100 for every word you remove from your title.


don't exaggerate

Growth Hack #2 – Don’t Exaggerate:

An honest line always feels warmer, don’t you agree?


no one cares what you can do

Growth Hack #3 – No One Cares What You Can Do:

We’re not trying to insult you. We just mean everyone cares what you can do for them.


avoid the passive voice

Growth Hack #4 – Avoid the Passive Voice:

Not only will the passive voice cost you in terms of readability score, but it’s also just plain awkward


don't kill your personality

Growth Hack #5 – Don’t Kill Your Personality:

The best brands feel “real”. Be relatable, funny, cheeky, serious, loopy – the point is just to be authentic.


avoid landing page words

Growth Hack #6 – Avoid “Landing Page Words”:

You know how people joke about buzzwords like synergy? Well, the same can be said for landing page buzzwords

Avoid these: 

Unlock, unleash, exceed, empower, supercharge, etc.

Just like synergyreal people don’t talk like this.


find the tension

Growth Hack #7 – Find the Tension:

Pleasant gets forgotten. Don’t be the wallflower of content: Create interest with conflict.


avoid contained titles

Growth Hack #8 – Avoid “Contained” Titles:

If you say it all from the get-go, what incentive do people have to keep scrolling? Instead, write titles that pull your reader down the page.


formatting matters

Growth Hack #9 – Formatting Matters:

Write scannable copy. This means: 

– Use headings 

– Replace commas with periods

– Get rid of flowery language (too many adjectives and adverbs are a no-no)

– Create a storyline


Taktical Growth Hacks #169 - feature image

Growth Hack #10 – Think Slippery Slide:

Every line of copy should lead to the next. Play the ad above and you’ll get it: You won’t be able to stop.


first line is crucial

Growth Hack #11 – Your First Line is Crucial:

If people don’t read the first line, they’re not going to read your second line either. The secret to a great first line? Keep it short.


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