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Taktical Growth Hacks #258

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Growth Hack #1 Optimize, adapt, overcome.



Pinterest achieved significant improvements in SEO traffic and in signup conversions, here’s how they did it.

Huge players like Pinterest optimize almost everything. And it’s OK if new tests can bring even 0.0001% improvement. It’s impossible to expect more. Right?



Here are the results of a test that Pinterest ran in 2016:

1. A 15% increase in SEO traffic.

2. A 15% increase in conversion rate to signup.


They rebuilt their pages for performance, decreasing Pinner wait time by 40%.

Here’s how they achieved this (this list is for your CTO):


1. In the past, they fetched the CSS/JS for the entire site.

Now – they only fetched for content above the fold, followed by lazy loading afterward.

2. Migrated to React from a homegrown framework.

3. Introduced multiple layers of caching in their CDN setup, enabled IPv6, switched to higher tiers of service (CDN) and introduced SSL edge termination (DSA) globally.

4. Automated the optimal parallelization of API data fetches.

5. Eliminated unnecessary fetches.


Source: Medium


Growth Hack #2 Reduce Facebook ad cost instantly.


[Secret ninja hack 🥷]

A while back we shared a hack that Facebook ads with social proof (“likes”) get 64% lower cost per engagement.


Here’s how to get social proof (likes) for free and instantly:

1. First you need to go to

2. Choose “Artist, Band or Public Figure“.

3. Choose any category, input any name and surname that looks real, and hit “Get started.”

4. Repeat bullets 1-3 approximately 10-20 times.

5. Go to

6. Choose your campaign, then – your ad set.

7. Check your specific ad and hit “Preview“.

8. Click an icon and choose “Facebook Post with Comments”, as shown on this image:


9. Below your FB ad hit the arrow-down icon and choose one of your FB pages that look like the names of real people.


10. Hit “Like“.

11. Repeat bullets 9 and 10 with all your FB pages.

Boom. Your newly created FB ad has a bunch of likes from the start ;).


Source: Team TTL


Growth Hack #3 Optimize your snippet box

An optimized Google featured snippet shows an increase in CTR of over 114%, even if you are ranking #1 on page one.


Matthew Barby recently analyzed patterns of results appearing in Google’s featured snippets. He saw an average increase in CTR of over 114%, and that’s even if they were already ranking #1 on page one.


Here are his findings:


1. The query should be either, “how to,” “what is,” “how do,” or “how does.”

2. It doesn’t matter whether your page takes 1 or 10th position (not further than10th).

3. The search query should be in h1, h2, h3 or h4, etc.

4. The answer to the query should be placed in a

tag directly below the header.

5. The answer should be between 54–58 words long.


Source: Hubspot


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