GROWTH HACKS date icon July 11, 2022

Taktical Growth Hacks #263

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Snapchat adds a paid subscription tier. TikTok now allows marketers to set their own attribution windows. Walmart and Roku streamline purchases from shoppable ads.



Growth Hack #1 Time is money


An e-commerce company recently added one simple element to their site which increased its conversion rate by 8.6%

The online shop experimented by adding a “countdown for next day shipping” timer on their product pages and tested it against a version with no timer.

The result: a huge increase in sales of people who wanted to lock in next day shipping!

Source: Behave



Growth Hack #2 Patience is a virtue


Leanplum broke down 671 million push notifications to uncover some interesting trends. Here are their key findings:

1. PNs sent and opened trends upward throughout the day, with a small peak around noon and a slightly larger one around 3pm.

2. The post-evening trend is interesting – after 6pm, push notifications opened start to trend higher, relative to previous hours, while pushes sent trend lower.

Bottom line: Wait until the late afternoon or evening to send pushes if you want to maximize engagement.

Source: Andrew Chen



Growth Hack #3: Give out your digits

Increase conversions 15X on your Google Ads by adding a phone number:

A survey conducted by Ipsos revealed that 70% of mobile users call directly from Google search results.

By eliminating a step along the funnel, click-to-call leads convert 15.5 times better than web leads.

And, clicks on your phone number are the same cost as headline clicks on Google.

What are you waiting for? Here’s how to add phone numbers to your ads.

Source: Youtube


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