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Taktical Growth Hacks #264

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TikTok adds Inventory Filters for ad placement. Gen Z uses TikTok and Instagram more than Google. Google adds new Performance Max campaign features.

Growth Hack #1 There is no “good enough”


What’s a good CTR  to rank high on Google?

After performing a comprehensive analysis of the average CTRs of top-ranking pages on Google, researchers at Sistrix came up with a simple conclusion: there really is no right answer.

Based on the research, the average CTRs for top Google ranking pages are:

1st position: 28.5%

2nd position: 15.7%

3rd position: 11%

Given the limitless amount of variation among Google searches and search results, to find out what a “good” CTR is for your site, you’ll have to get a little more specific.

Source: Sistrix



Growth Hack #2 Let them come to you

Use Twitter to help your audience find you.

With the popularity of Twitter as a leading social media app, it is important to use its capabilities strategically.

Here are 3 ways to get started:

1. Be consistent: Tweet at least once a day to stay fresh in the mind of your audience.

2. Use threads: For best results, post 2-3 threads weekly, allowing for longer-form content and discussions.

3. Post replies: Replying to well-known accounts in your industry is a great way to gain visibility and have open dialogues with both experts and consumer audiences.

Source: Digital Marketer



Growth Hack #3 Life is a movie


Want to boost your email CTR by up to 300% with one simple trick? You can!

Today’s audiences love a captivating visual that helps to tell the story of your brand.

By adding video content to your marketing emails, you can skyrocket CTR, while also reducing the rate of unsubscription by up to 75%.


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