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Taktical Growth Hacks #265

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What’s in the News this Week

Instagram adds a feature to turn reels into ads. YouTube lets creators sell products directly with Spotify. Google Ads makes Creative Studio available for all.

Growth Hack #1 Caption this…

With 2,220 characters of potential, how do you curate the perfect Instagram caption? Metigy came up with a list of 6 best practices:

1. Always write drafts.

2. Don’t bury the lead: The most important information should appear in the first few lines.

3. Include a Call to Action: Encourage readers to likecomment, or check out a link in your bio.

4. Don’t be afraid to use humor: Audiences consistently respond well to captions that make them laugh!

5. Throw in an emoji: Make captions engaging and unique.

6. Keep it short.

Source: Metigy

Growth Hack #2 Time is money… literally

Consumers love instant gratification. So, how can you optimize your site to help users convert quickly? Here are a few ideas:

Use chatbots: People hate waiting. By using chatbots, you provide instant support.

Incorporate pre-recorded demos: Save users time digging through  instructions by adding demonstration videos.

Add online transaction capabilities and e-signatures: Allow customers to make purchases with a few simple clicks.

Source: Rocket Expansion

Growth Hack #3 Make them stay


The average user only spends about 45 seconds visiting a website. So, what can you do to capture their attention?

Using Google’s Core Web Vitals, optimize your website with the following metrics:

Website speed: Time is everything.

Responsiveness: Let your customers’ behavior inform your website design by studying how they respond to its existing content.

Visual stability: Learn how visually stimulating your current design is, and experiment with new visuals and layouts to increase this score.

By using these metrics and prioritizing the user experience, you can design your website in a way that entices users to make more frequentlonger visits to your site.

Source: Rocket Expansion


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