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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – Get Bloggers To Quote You:

The Taktical team tested two different email outreach approaches:

First: Direct pitch. “Hey quote us”

Second approach: Send one email with the soft “feel”, “… I liked your article … I created something that can be of additional value… Would it be ok to pass along? …”

2nd email (if “Yes”) – A link to their piece of content.

The direct pitch (#1) got a 16% reply rate and the 2-step email sequence (#2) – 40%! That’s a 2.5 times higher rate.

Source: Taktical Team

Growth Hack #2 – Reduce Landing Page Leaks:

On a true landing page (ie, not just your homepage) there are no menus or ANY OTHER LEAKS off-page except your CTA.

When sending paid traffic:

– Include the obligatory privacy policy elsewhere on your domain; don’t link it off the landing page.

– Echo your campaign’s offer, copy, and segmentation. DON’T land them on your catchall homepage.

Source: 500startups

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Growth Hack #3 – When in Free Trial Mode, Force Users to Keeping Moving Along:

ProdPad had a 30-day trial.

By analyzing user behavior, they found that they could predict by day 9 if a user would convert into paid.

So they tried an experiment:

They decided to cut their trial period to 7 days. However, users could earn more free trial time (28 days max) by completing simple onboarding tasks like “add a product name”, etc.

Their overall conversion rate increased by 200%!


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