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Taktical Growth Hacks - survey

Growth Hack #1 – Triple Survey Conversion Rates With These 4 Tips:

When you need to survey your users and have a lot of fields for them to fill in, this trick is for you.

Formstack analyzed over 650,000 form users.

Conversion rates more than TRIPLED when:
1. Fields are spread out over multiple web pages.
2. They have bigger fonts.
3. They have “Save and resume” options.
4. They include Progress bars.


Growth Hack #2 – +71% Referral Success:

Gogobot app decided to personalize each download that came from an invite.

In each message that went out to other users, they inserted a Branch link embedded with their referring friend’s name, profile pic and user ID.

The result:

Users who saw a personalized welcome from their friend signed up at a 71% higher rate.


Taktical Growth Hacks - blog views

Growth Hack #3 – Six Steps to Increase Blog Engagement:

Having trouble getting blog posts read?

Headlines are 90% of the battle when it comes to getting clicks and shares for blogs.

The next 10% is engaging the audience.

Here’s how to increase viewership on your blog:

1. Jump on

2. Examine highly shared blog posts and copy their title styles

3. Write a blog post that mentions popular people on Twitter

4. Publish the blog post and tweet at the popular people you mention

5. Get retweeted

6. Repeat

Source: Ilan Nass


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