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Growth Hack #1 – How Long Before Should You Wait to Have an Email Popup…Popup?

The Answer? 5 Seconds. is a great tool for setting up Full screen Email Popups

The entry pop-up is exactly what it sounds like: A pop-up form is activated when a visitor first enters your site.

Often these forms block the view of the majority of the screen, forcing engagement.

Source: SumoMe

Growth Hack #2 – Attract Great Talent With a Human Touch:

Your growth depends on a great team, but it’s hard to compete with giants in the marketplace.

Try to include a “Who You’ll Work With” section in your job posting as a personal touch that’s rarely applied. It stands out and adds a human element in a meaningful way.

Here’s what to include:

1. Highlight the 3-4 people they’ll work closest with.

2. Place emphasis on why it’s rewarding to work with them.

3. Include at least one person in a leadership role.

Bonus: Include articles from your peers about your company culture.


growth hacks from Taktical - CTA button

Growth Hack #3 – Double Your Clicks By Using Buttons in Email Campaigns:

Research shows that most people scan email campaigns rather than reading them word-for-word.

Using buttons for your call to action means they will stand out to skimmers while text links will often go overlooked.

Campaign Monitor tested this theory, running a campaign where one version had a button to get the click, and another had text.

The result?

127% more clicks!



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