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Drive Sales with a Full-Service Amazon Marketing Team

Position your brand at the heart of global commerce. As an Amazon selling partner, businesses like yours can unlock access to millions of eager customers across over 100 countries.

With Taktical Digital as your Amazon ads agency partner, you’ll work with seasoned strategists who will take your Amazon marketing ambitions and transform them into tangible growth and revenue. We’re also bolstered by a dynamic in-house creative team that crafts experiences to resonate with your customers.

We prioritize your brand’s growth and agility. It’s our mission to ensure every Amazon digital marketing campaign we run resonates and delivers. Your success on Amazon is our shared vision.

Why run Amazon PPC ads?

On Amazon, your potential customers are one step closer to purchasing than they are anywhere else. That’s because as a dedicated marketplace, Amazon attracts visitors who are already ready to buy

This is a pivotal advantage that Amazon experts can help your business leverage.

It’s where your customers go to shop

Amazon is to eCommerce what Google is to search. Controlling 37.8% of the entire market – and growing – Amazon remains by far the leader of the pack when it comes to eCommerce.

Advertising on Amazon provides you with a unique opportunity to launch campaigns that cast a wide net. Its customers hail from all over the world and represent an expansive demographic range.

It has tools that help you reach the right people

Amazon also offers businesses like yours the ability to hyper-target your audience, from Amazon’s own pre-built audience segments to custom-built category audiences to product targeting.  This helps you ensure your ads reach the customers most likely to engage with them.

But it isn’t just the sheer scale and its pinpoint targeting capabilities that makes Amazon enticing. Through a variety of ad placements like Sponsored Product ads, brand ads, and even audio ads, Amazon offers businesses like yours a variety of ways to connect with your customers. 

Choosing Taktical amplifies the benefits of Amazon PPC marketing

We’ll help you plan and launch an Amazon digital marketing campaign designed to maximize your return-on-investment. With Taktical, you’ll cut through the guesswork and harness Amazon’s unmatched popularity while positioning your business ahead of your competition.

In the US alone, 148.6 million people have Amazon Prime accounts
Surveys reveal 74% of online shoppers in America begin searching for products on Amazon
Amazon accounts for nearly 50% of annual US eCommerce spending
60% of American Gen Z individuals are Amazon Prime members
Nearly nine out of 10 American consumers say they are more likely to purchase products from Amazon over any other eCommerce site

Our approach to Amazon marketing

Kickoff & Discovery

A dedicated team will sit with you and discuss your business model, strategies, and Amazon PPC ad goals from the inside out.


Your Taktical team will review inventory sent to FBA, pricing competitiveness, and create a plan for sending new inventory on a set schedule to prevent sold out items. Having an up-to-date inventory will scale your business and help you reach more consumers.

Custom Product/ Store Spotlight Ad Campaigns

Taktical will set up custom Sponsored Product ad campaigns for each product as well as custom Store Spotlight Ad campaigns. This allows you to achieve more visibility and provide easier access to customers.

Custom Video Ad Campaigns

Our Amazon ads services can include setting up custom Video Ad campaigns for your brand. These short videos autoplay and are targeted by products, keywords, and categories so they appear to consumers when they’re searching for similar products.

Custom Feedback

We’ll review all past feedback on the account and set up an automated system for requesting feedback. The feedback received as a seller is very important because it gives you the ability to build authority and establish trust to boost your seller rating.


We’ve developed an unparalleled working culture that allows us to attract and retain the best of the best. Taktical’s Amazon experts are compensated based on client success metrics – your success is their success.

Amazon Case Study: BARK

BARK (formerly BarkBox) partnered with us as their Amazon ads agency to build an outstanding presence on the platform and take them from a newcomer to a top-tier seller within their category.

Who is BARK?

BARK began with BarkBox, the U.S.’s premier pet subscription box, delivering quality dog products right to your doorstep. Serving over 2 million dogs monthly, BarkBox has over 600,000 paying subscribers. With an aim to expand their reach, BarkBox ventured into Amazon, introducing essentials like dog beds, bowls, and waste bags.

What were their goals?

Being relatively new in a highly specialized category, BarkBox faced the challenge of distinguishing its premium products amidst numerous look-alike items that were lower priced. But that didn’t stop them from setting an impressive revenue goal.

The process

Organic Ranking: Recognizing the potential in BARK’s beds as a lead product, Taktical Digital honed in on strategies to rank them organically.

Focused Advertising: We redirected ad and promotional thrust towards the beds, pushing them to consistently rank within the top 3. We even attained Amazon’s coveted “choice” status.

Enhanced Listings: Elevating the product listings and integrating video ads gave the products a superior edge, fostering swift growth.

The results:

Total Sales
Pages on BarkBox Website That Ranked on Page 1
ROI with Amazon PPC ads

Why Taktical Digital?

We merge aesthetics and efficiency. Taktical Digital takes pride in being the world’s first brand and performance marketing agency.

We’ve seamlessly merged the realms of brand and performance marketing into a philosophy we call “Brandformance”.

Our ethos revolves around the belief that visually compelling campaigns, when on-trend, have the potency to drive conversions. We’ve not only envisioned this but have proven it across diverse sectors – from fashion to finance to technology. 

Established brands such as Chase, Do Amore Jewelry, and Rachel Zoe, as well as budding startups, have entrusted us with their vision. They’ve relied on our data-driven strategies to fuel their rise in a digital landscape that’s ever-evolving.

No matter the scale, ambition, or nature of your enterprise, Taktical Digital is poised to amplify your presence on Amazon with a blend of high-performing creatives and efficiency. Reach out, and together, let’s script your brand’s success story on Amazon – and beyond.

Amazon Ads FAQ

Amazon marketing involves strategies and tactics used to promote products and increase sales on Amazon. This includes optimizing product listings, using Amazon Ads, and employing SEO techniques to improve product visibility and attract potential customers. An Amazon marketing agency specializes in these strategies, leveraging the platform’s tools to maximize clients’ return on investment.

An Amazon marketing agency offers comprehensive services to enhance your product visibility, sales, and brand presence on Amazon. They handle account setup, product listing optimization, Amazon Ads management, competitor analysis, and performance tracking. Utilizing their expertise, they develop customized strategies to meet your business goals, ensuring your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Integrating Amazon Ads with broader marketing strategies involves aligning your online advertising efforts across platforms to create a cohesive brand message. An Amazon ads agency collaborates with clients to ensure that Amazon campaigns complement other digital marketing activities, such as social media advertising and SEO, to maximize overall marketing effectiveness and reach.

To optimize Amazon product listings, an Amazon advertising agency focuses on high-quality images, keyword-rich titles and descriptions, and compelling features and benefits. They also analyze customer reviews and feedback to continuously improve listing content. This approach enhances product visibility and appeal, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Amazon competitor research involves analyzing the strategies and performance of competing products on the platform. This includes reviewing pricing, keyword usage, product features, customer ratings, and advertising tactics. An Amazon marketing agency uses this information to refine your strategy, ensuring your products maintain a competitive edge in both presentation and visibility.

While Amazon is one of the largest and most effective platforms for ecommerce advertising, it’s not the only one worth considering. An Amazon ads agency may recommend exploring additional platforms like eBay, Walmart, or Etsy, depending on your products and target audience. Diversifying your ecommerce strategy can enhance brand visibility and sales across multiple channels, offering a broader reach. As an Ecommerce advertising agency, Taktical can help you decide which platforms will get you the best results.

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