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What if we told you that the customers for your business are out there…and they’re looking for you at this very moment? Most consumers today discover new companies and brands through relevant searches. On Google alone, 8.5 billion searches take place every single day.

When your customers are on the hunt for the product or service you sell, you can bet that an online search is one of the first steps they take.

Having an effective SEO strategy will play a crucial role in your brand’s success.

An experienced SEO agency like Taktical can boost your brand to the first page of results for the keywords your customers are looking for.

Taktical Digital offers professional SEO services to increase your organic traffic

At Taktical Digital, our team of organic SEO experts have a consistent track record of helping brands across a range of industries attract more customers. This is thanks to our data-driven SEO strategy that entails these 3 goals:

  1. Protect: We’ll identify terms driving organic traffic from page one rankings and make sure those pages and rankings are supported for long term stability.
  2. Improve: Uncovering page two and three low hanging fruit opportunities helps us get them to the first page.
  3. Expand: We’ll identify white space opportunities to create new content and build a strategy that allows us to expand there.


We frequently earn praise and awards from industry experts for our SEO services, and we’re ready to offer your brand the same proven benefits.

We’ll handle the SEO strategy essentials for you

At Taktical, our SEO specialists thoroughly understand all the various elements that contribute to improved SEO rankings. We’ll handle:

The benefits of partnering with Taktical Digital as your local SEO agency in NYC

Reaching All Potential Leads

We can help you improve your website to attract prospects who find you through basic online searches. We will build a strong organic SEO strategy centered around technical site optimization, performance PR, content creation and optimization, strategic keyword targeting, and bespoke reporting.

Driving Traffic

We can maximize your online visibility and attract a larger audience. With Taktical Digital, you’ll enjoy a website that’s impeccably optimized to surpass search engine standards and ensures you capture the lion’s share of traffic from potential customers.

Achieve SEO excellence with the right agency partner

Choosing an SEO agency with extensive experience, a proven track record, and a commitment to client success is crucial to optimizing your online strategy.

SEO rules aren’t one-size-fits-all and change as search engine algorithms evolve. Google dominates search engines by continually refining its algorithms to provide the most relevant and valuable content to users.

What’s essential to your success is a partnership with an SEO marketing agency that remains ahead of these algorithm changes. Your partner must ensure your SEO content and overall strategy are always effective and up-to-date.

By aligning with Taktical, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge SEO solutions. Our approach is to tailor a solution designed to place your content where your audience will see it and engage with it.

Our SEO process

Discussion & Research

Every brand is unique. That’s why we start developing an SEO strategy by thoroughly discussing your identity and goals.

Organic Opportunity Assessment (OOA)

Our proprietary methodology shapes your engagement, building a strategy around overarching business goals and low-hanging fruit conversion opportunities.

Technical Assessment

Delivered in a triaged report direct to you, we audit organizational maturity, content health, & technical health, from an organic search perspective, for quick wins.

Success Plan

Based on our assessments and your business goals, our experts deliver a success plan of SEO solutions designed to achieve key outcomes.

Deliverables to Advance

Your strategist provides strategic deliverables to execute on your plan and advance to the next level.

SEO Case Study: Artsy

Using a bespoke and multifaceted strategy, we significantly boosted Artsy’s website traffic and conversions by resolving critical SEO obstacles.

Who is Artsy?

Artsy is the leading marketplace for art. Collectors can use it to discover and buy art from the world’s top emerging and established artists.

What was their challenge?

Artsy encountered a critical visibility issue. Their website was obscured from Google search results due to JavaScript-centric construction. This went undetected initially due to predominant traffic influx via branding, PR, and social events.

What were their goals?

Artsy sought Taktical’s expertise in eCommerce SEO to get to the root of their challenges with visibility in Google searches. They also wanted guidance to architect strategies that enhance organic leads and traffic from Google.

The process

We pioneered a multifaceted SEO strategy to resurrect Artsy’s online presence. Collaborating with Artsy’s developers, we created a bespoke SEO solution that utilized Google’s algorithm effectively, converting site screenshots to hard-coded HTML to enhance readability for search engines. We also segmented the website based on commercial keyword value, optimizing each section for maximum visibility. Focusing on artist and artwork pages as primary eCommerce SEO targets, we then refined the website’s design to improve user experience and conversion likelihood, creating a more interactive and engaging interface. Additionally, we implemented a robust link-building strategy to increase site authority and search engine rankings, strategically placing backlinks to drive organic traffic. Lastly, we utilized advanced tools to monitor incoming keywords and assess conversion likelihood for ongoing optimization of our SEO strategy.



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Conversion Rate

Why Choose Taktical Digital?

We are the world’s first agency to intertwine brand and performance marketing. Taktical Digital is a pioneer in the realm of integrated marketing solutions, achieving global recognition for our unparalleled expertise and groundbreaking results.

Merging Brand and Performance through ‘Brandformance’

We hold a fundamental belief that aesthetic, on-trend campaigns are synonymous with conversion. We’ve transcended the conventional boundaries separating brand marketing and performance marketing, merging them into a unique concept we call ‘Brandformance’. This approach ensures our campaigns are not only visually compelling but also performance-driven, achieving the delicate balance between brand aesthetic and ROI.

Proven Excellence Across Verticals

Enter into a partnership with confidence. We at Taktical have a proven track record in diverse industries such as fashion, finance, and technology. Trusted by esteemed brands like Chase, Do Amore Jewelry, Rachel Zoe, and numerous innovative startups, we’ve optimized campaigns with data-driven digital advertising strategies, consistently exceeding expectations.

Our Commitment to Your Growth

Irrespective of your industry, objectives, company scale, or budget, we are on a mission to amplify your brand’s presence through strategic SEO strategy. Explore the boundless opportunities we can offer and witness your brand’s transformation and ascent.

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SEO Marketing FAQs

While it’s possible to handle SEO on your own, the nuances, constant algorithm updates, and evolving best practices can make it a challenging endeavor. Working with an expert SEO agency like Taktical Digital ensures you stay ahead with a structured and proven approach that leverages the latest industry insights.

Undertaking SEO marketing involves understanding your target audience, conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing your website’s structure and content, building quality backlinks, and routinely analyzing your performance. Collaborating with seasoned SEO experts, like our team at Taktical Digital, can provide a guided and strategic start to your SEO journey.

The cost of professional SEO services varies based on several factors, including the complexity of your website, the competitiveness of your industry, and your specific goals. Taktical Digital offers tailored SEO service packages designed to provide optimal value, guaranteeing you receive premium services that align with your budget and objectives.

The best SEO marketing agency boasts a blend of experience, proven results, and client testimonials. Transparency, a data-driven approach, and adaptability to industry changes are also crucial. At Taktical Digital, our partnerships with brands are rooted in trust, expertise, and consistent performance.

Absolutely. For small businesses, SEO serves as a pivotal strategy to enhance visibility, drive targeted traffic, and compete effectively against larger rivals. By investing in an SEO strategy, small businesses can tap into a vast online audience, fostering growth and brand recognition in a cost-effective manner.