ClientDo Amore Jewelry

Do Amore Jewelry

Do Amore offers custom conflict-free engagement rings and builds water wells in the communities and regions their rings are sourced from.


Do Amore’s primary goal when they reached out to Taktical was simple: increase revenue and purchases at a scalable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Because the strategy for achieving these goals involved advertising on Facebook, Taktical’s main challenge at the start of this project came in the form of the minimal resources the company had devoted to Facebook marketing campaigns. Up to that point, Do Amore’s Facebook marketing efforts had only yielded two purchases and less than $10,000 in revenue.

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Taktical dramatically boosted the sales and revenue attributed to Do Amore’s Facebook marketing campaigns. In our biggest month (Nov. 2019), we drove 125 purchases and $336k in revenue at a 2.7 ROAS. Ultimately, we increased yearly revenue (Facebook-specific) by over 1000% over 3 years. Year Spend Revenue Increase in Spend YoY Increase in Rev. YoY 2017 $143,867.00 $176,935.00 N/A N/A 2018 $457,867.00 $1,150,463.76 218% 550% 2019 $1,385,620.00 $2,192,817.00 203% 91% 2017 – 2019 863% 1139% We did so by focusing on segmenting Facebook audiences by gender while allowing them to remain broad in terms of the number of users in each audience. This allowed us to keep campaigns active for relatively long periods of time, which in turn allowed Facebook’s algorithm to “learn” more effectively.

We also optimized individual ads for separate levels of intent. For example, some ads were optimized for users who were ready to make a purchase, while others were optimized for users who were interested in the brand, but not ready to buy a ring from them yet. This allowed Taktical to retarget leads who hadn’t reached the end of the sales funnel.

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