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What Pinterest Offers to Marketers

Don’t be fooled into thinking Pinterest is just for crafty individuals looking for “Pinspiration”. This platform is in fact one of the most powerful for driving purchases and boosting brand loyalty and engagement. With over 175 million monthly users as of April, 2017, Pinterest is already an influential social media platform that is only continuing to gain momentum.

Since releasing their first advertising platform in September, 2013, Pinterest marketing has experienced a recent surge of innovations and developments. With Promoted Pins as the basis of advertising on Pinterest, the platform has improved upon its ad products, targeting capabilities, and more to make a marketing campaign more effective.

The simplicity and seamlessness of Pinterest ads are only one part of the picture to what make this platform so appealing for marketers. It’s influential audience base and engagement figures represent another piece. Just a few to keep in mind:

The motivated purchasers that comprise a majority of Pinterest users represent major potential for brands. When partnering with the right Pinterest marketing agency to optimize an advertising campaign, marketing on Pinterest can lead to a major boost in sales and ROI.

How Pinterest Ads Work

As previously mentioned, Promoted Pins are the crux of Pinterest advertisements. There are four ways in which people engage with Promoted Pins:

  • One-tap Pins: Takes the user from the Pinterest feed directly to the brand’s site or product page.
  • App Pins: Learn more about an app by going from the feed to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Video Pins: Videos play directly within the feed. With 90% of consumers saying that video helps them make a purchasing decision, using video advertising on Pinterest can be a key to success.
  • Cinematic Pins: Visual animations catch the viewer’s eye as they scroll through the feed. These resemble One-tap Pins, but with an additional element.

For any Promoted Pin advertising campaign on Pinterest, brands experience an average 20% more clicks after launching.

To get started with Pinterest advertising, you must first create a Pinterest business account. Then you should begin posting Pins, as only those on your own profile can be promoted. Once you’ve picked the Pin(s) you want to advertise, it’s only a matter of setting up your targeting and budget. For help in deciding what Pin to promote, Pinterest offers helpful tools that let you filter by most popular and decide what content is worth boosting. Additionally, consulting a Pinterest advertising firm can come in handy here for their industry insights and expertise.

When it comes to audience targeting, advertisers can choose from more high-level options (e.g. relevant keywords that describe your Pin) or those that are more specific (e.g. if they have engaged with a Pin on your profile previously). Best practices indicate that choosing keywords carefully instead of overstuffing them and using demographic targeting are the most effective strategies.

The payment structure for Pinterest ads is based on a bidding structure, which will be familiar territory for digital marketers. Whether you set the goal as engagement-based or as traffic directed to your site, you only pay for clicks.

Finally, track and analyze your Pinterest ad campaign. By setting up a Conversion tracking snippet, you can paste it into the code of the page on your site that you are directing visitors. Then it’s just a matter of monitoring the results that this Pinterest tag yields.

"For any Promoted Pin advertising campaign on Pinterest, brands experience an average 20% more clicks after launching."

Working With a Pinterest Marketing Agency

Partnering with a professional Pinterest advertising agency can help your brand maximize its results. As a still relatively new platform, Pinterest presents a learning curve to many businesses and social marketers without experience in Pinterest marketing.

It is far too easy to fall into the trap of thinking advertising on Pinterest functions just like other social media marketing. A Pinterest marketing firm understands this is not the case, while having the best tools and knowledge at their disposal for optimizing Pinterest ad campaigns.

There are already examples of companies that have leveraged Pinterest marketing to their advantage. One such brand, Adore Me, turned to the social platform for generating new leads and driving more traffic to their site. Their results were astronomical:

-50% higher click-to-purchase on Pinterest than other social channels
-Increase Pinterest revenue by 4000%
-10-50% lower CPA on Pinterest than other advertising channels

Another brand to succeed with Pinterest ads was About.com. In order to make their content on Pinterest stand out, they launched a campaign using Rich Pins that show metadata from websites. Their Pinterest ad campaign resulted in 70% more traffic being directed to their site from Pinterest and a 2x greater engagement rate with Pinners than any other audience.

In order to achieve a similar level of success with Pinterest ads, a professional Pinterest marketing agency has the experience and know-how that’s necessary. They’ll understand Pinterest ad best practices and how to position an ad campaign to appeal to both the target audience of a brand and the demographic that exists on Pinterest.

A successful campaign on this platform is about finding the balance between promotional and engaging content. The visual nature of it is what draws users in, and a Pinterest advertising firm will understand how to capitalize on that to create a branded but seamless ad. Doing so will set up your brand for maximizing conversions and ROI.

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Taktical Digital is a premiere Pinterest marketing firm based in NYC. We are an internationally recognized performance marketing firm focused on maximizing ROI through our data-driven approach to advertising. With an expert team of social marketers, we have driven success across industry verticals as we leverage the best management technologies.

As a recognized partner of all major advertising platforms, Taktical Digital has the insider knowledge and the best tools at our disposal for helping your brand see optimal returns. Our client-directed approach means we tailor each marketing campaign to suit a company’s goals and needs, regardless of budget. We believe in cooperation and collaboration that tailors our own success to our client’s.

With Pinterest being a relatively young advertising platform, Taktical Digital is the premiere Pinterest marketing firm to look to for guidance on launching a campaign. From Pin design to tracking and reporting results, we are your Pinterest advertising partners. We have the industry insight, Pinterest experience, and digital marketing expertise to make your Pinterest ad campaign a success. Contact Taktical Digital today to learn more about our Pinterest marketing services.