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The Value of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest advertising solutions offer brands an opportunity to naturally engage with users, serving as dynamic methods to reach large, lucrative audiences.

A key advantage of advertising on Pinterest is the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate marketing content without appearing overly promotional. Promoted Pins, Pinterest’s advertising format, blend in with regular pins, ensuring a less intrusive user experience.

These Promoted Pins are distinguished by their visibility. They are designed to appear prominently in users’ home feeds, search results, and category feeds. This approach allows our Pinterest marketing agency to present your brand subtly yet effectively, adhering to the ethos of marketing on the audience’s terms. Consequently, your brand makes a positive impact on potential customers.

As of 2019, clicks on Promoted Pins directly lead users to your website. These ads can be:

  • Static images
  • Image carousels
  • Videos

Some Pinterest ads even allow users to download your app, or begin purchasing products, directly through the Pinterest app!

What Sets Our Pinterest Marketing Agency Apart:

  • We can demonstrate results from past campaigns
  • We employ an in-house creative team
  • We take a data-driven approach
  • We consistently earn awards and praise from industry experts

Why Advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest’s growth has been meteoric. From 128 million monthly active users in early 2016 to 416 million by Q2 2020, its rapid expansion is undeniable. Notably, Pinterest achieved 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other site. Still undecided?

Over 70% of global Pinterest users are female.
Nearly 90% of users turn to Pinterest for purchase inspiration.
Over 40% of US fathers use Pinterest for family and DIY project ideas.
More than half of all US millennials are monthly Pinterest users.
Almost half of all users visit Pinterest with the intent to shop.

Approximately 78% of users say the content that brands promote using Pinterest ads is genuinely useful. That’s a very important point to consider. Remember, you want to impress your audience by offering them something of value. Surveys indicate if you offer them content on Pinterest, they may be more likely than usual to feel you’ve achieved your goal.

Statistics like these make it clear that advertising with a Pinterest marketing agency gives you the chance to reach an audience of users who are often actively in “shopping mode” when using the platform. That may be why one in two people will make a purchase when they engage with a Promoted Pin.

Our Pinterest marketing process

Discussion & Research

Your dedicated team at Taktical will sit with you and discuss your business model, strategies, and goals for your Pinterest ad campaigns from the inside out. 



Our team will craft a strategic plan focusing on tone, cadence, and sequencing, informed by our expertise and best practices.

Monitoring Your Pinterest Ad Campaign

We’ll then build initial sample creatives for approval. This includes imagery, video, and ad copy. We’ll create an entirely new set of assets each month.

Refining Your Pinterest Campaign

Our Pinterest marketing services include a technical audit of all behavior and conversion tracking on your site, making sure pixels are firing appropriately and reporting is correct.

Reporting Data

Initial testing of your new Pinterest ads begins! Your team of Takticians will keep a close eye on all behavior, maximizing spend and allocating it efficiently according to performance.

Why Taktical Digital as Your Pinterest Marketing Agency?

Internationally recognized for our performance and expertise, Taktical Digital stands as a premier performance marketing agency.

Renowned for client-centric service and impactful results, we’ve assisted clients across various industries, including fashion, finance, and technology. Our clientele, ranging from Chase to Rachel Zoe, has experienced optimized growth through our tailored social media and Pinterest advertising strategies.

No matter your goals, industry, company size, or budget, Taktical Digital is committed to enhancing your brand’s presence through effective Pinterest marketing. Our in-house creative team excels in optimizing design, while our Paid Social department focuses on meticulous tracking, measurement, and data reporting. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your brand with our Pinterest advertising expertise.

Pinterest Marketing FAQs

A Pinterest marketing agency specializes in leveraging Pinterest to promote brands, products, and services. They create tailored marketing strategies that include creating and optimizing pins, boards, and leveraging Pinterest SEO to enhance visibility. Such agencies understand the unique visual and search-driven nature of Pinterest, making them adept at driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales through the platform.

The cost of Pinterest marketing can vary widely based on the scope of the campaign, the types of ads used, and the level of management required. Budgets are flexible, allowing businesses of all sizes to utilize Pinterest for marketing. A Pinterest ads agency can help you allocate your budget effectively to maximize your return on investment.

Yes, paid Pinterest ads can be highly worth it, offering a way to reach a larger, more targeted audience. With its visual search engine capabilities, Pinterest allows for highly specific targeting based on interests, searches, and demographics, making your investment efficient. A Pinterest advertising agency can guide you in crafting campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving both awareness and conversions.

Pinterest advertising works exceptionally well for industries related to lifestyle, fashion, home decor, food, wedding, DIY, and travel. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it ideal for businesses in these sectors to showcase their products and ideas, attract engaged users, and drive traffic to their sites. A Pinterest marketing agency can help tailor strategies that best suit these industries for optimal results.

Absolutely, Pinterest is a powerful platform for organic marketing. Its search engine-like functionality allows users to discover content naturally, making it excellent for long-term organic growth. By creating high-quality, engaging pins and optimizing for Pinterest SEO, businesses can achieve significant visibility without necessarily investing in ads. A Pinterest marketing agency can optimize your content and strategy to capitalize on this organic reach effectively.

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