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Taktical Digital’s award-winning Twitter advertising team combines a rigorous data-driven focus with a brand-centric approach to ad development to deliver proven results.

We’ve already helped many brands boost sales and awareness via Twitter. You can trust us to offer the same value to you.

Leverage Twitter’s massive marketing power with a team of Twitter advertising specialists.

Twitter is unique in many ways when compared to other social media platforms. You need to take advantage of it as an advertising tool by working with a team that understands exactly how it’s unique.

Twitter remains one of the most valuable social media platforms from a marketer’s perspective. It boasts approximately 145 million monetizable daily active users worldwide, 44% of 18-26 year-olds in the US (a lucrative demographic) use Twitter, and 41% of US Twitter users make over $75,000. That means they’re above-average earners (and thus, above-average spenders).

Twitter ads come in three main formats. They are:

  • Promoted Tweets:
    Individual Tweets advertisers can promote to increase their likelihood of being seen by target customers. brand logo
  • Promoted Accounts:
    Branded accounts Twitter will suggest to users who don’t currently follow them, but may find them interesting. brand logo
  • Promoted Trends:
    The Promoted Trends feature allows marketers to “take over” a particular trending topic for 24 hours. Their Promoted Tweet will be at the top of the feed when users click on the link in the list of trending topics. brand logo

This already highlights the importance of working with an experienced Twitter marketing agency when launching a campaign. You need to choose the type of ads and strategies best-suited to help you achieve your goals. The right marketing team understands how to do so.

Within each general category, Twitter offers a variety of specific ad formats, including text-centric ads, video ads, images, and more. The platform gives marketers the option to target specific users based on gender, language, location, and age, and various additional factors as well. As with many other social media platforms, Twitter also provides marketers with a range of monitoring tools to help them clearly determine whether their campaigns are performing as expected.

Clearly, advertising on Twitter can potentially help a brand reach a large and dynamic audience. They simply need to partner with Twitter marketing experts who are thoroughly familiar with Twitter’s advertising tools and capabilities. That’s gey top optimizing a campaign’s return-on-investment.

Twitter is unique.
So are we. Here’s why.

  • - We’re an official Twitter partner, offering you a tremendous advantage over the competition
  • - We employ an in-house creative team
  • - We’re obsessed with data
  • - We consistently earn awards and praise from industry experts
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What makes Twitter marketing so effective?

You already know millions of people from countries throughout the world use Twitter. A massive user base equals a massive potential audience for marketers. However, that’s not the only reason advertising on Twitter is a good idea.

Additional benefits of launching a marketing campaign on Twitter include the following:

Reaching All Audiences
You might think that, because Facebook has more users overall than Twitter, you’re better off devoting the resources you would reserve for a Twitter campaign to your Facebook campaigns as well.

That’s an understandable reaction. And while there is of course value in marketing through Facebook, Twitter offers opportunities to reach demographics you might struggle to engage with if you limit your social media marketing campaigns to one platform.

For example, the percentage of African-American and Hispanic users is higher on Twitter than on Facebook. So is the percentage of college-educated users. As such, expanding your marketing efforts to include Twitter helps you cast a wider net.

Getting in on a Growing Trend
Twitter reported that ad engagement rose by 23% in Q3 of 2019. This trend of increased engagement appears to be continuing.

Boosting Odds of Engagement
Research indicates the average Twitter user will engage with a Twitter ad 26% longer than they typically will on other social media platforms.

Reaching Active Buyers
53% of Twitter users are the types of people more likely than others to buy new products soon after they’re released.

Additionally, statistics show that 80% of Twitter users qualify as “affluent millennials.” By advertising on Twitter, you’re reaching users who have money to spend.

Being Discovered
Surveys reveal 79% of Twitter users like using the platform to discover “what’s new.” This is why Twitter is sometimes referred to as “the number one platform for discovery.”

Making the Right Impression
Surveys show that consumers (particularly young consumers) are becoming increasingly annoyed with branded marketing content intruding on certain areas of their lives. Marketers need to consider how they can reach potential customers without coming across as excessively “salesy.”

Fortunately, 93% of Twitter users are actually open to the presence of brands on the platform. Twitter is a unique online environment where users not only accept, but often embrace marketing content.

As this graph of monetizable daily active users worldwide shows, Twitter’s popularity is also consistently on the rise.

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Did We Get Your Attention?


Twitter’s unique qualities: What the right marketing team understands.

Experience, a proven track record, and a client-centric approach are all essential qualities to look for in a Twitter marketing agency. However, you also need to partner with a team that understands what makes advertising on Twitter unique.

First of all, audiences tend to be more accepting of constant posting on Twitter than they are on other social media platforms. This gives you the freedom to test out a lot of content without worrying about making a bad impression on your audience.

Twitter also allows for more spontaneity. Marketers on Twitter often post about developing stories or trends in real-time, giving their brands greater exposure by joining in on active conversations.

Interaction between branded accounts and other users is also more common on Twitter. This helps you not only introduce your brand to new customers, but to also interact with them in a manner that results in a lasting relationship.

Our Twitter Advertising Process

Step 1: Discussion & Research
At Taktical, we want to understand your brand, your goals, and your past marketing campaigns from the start. This is key to developing an optimal Twitter ad campaign. That’s why we begin the process of planning one with thorough discussions and research.

Step 2: Development
Developing the actual ads and campaign content is the next step. Once we have a bulletproof strategy in place, we get to work implementing it.

Step 3: Monitoring Your Twitter Ads
We develop strategies that succeed. However, with Twitter ad campaigns, there’s always room for potential improvement. We look for ways to maximize your ROI by monitoring your Twitter ads’ performance to find out which ads and strategies are most effective.

Step 4: Refining Your Twitter Campaign
Based on what we learn from monitoring your Twitter ads, we adjust the campaign in whatever manner is necessary.

Step 5: Reporting Data
We don’t keep our clients out of the loop when we run their Twitter advertising campaigns. We share all relevant data, helping you thoroughly understand how your company has benefited from partnering with Taktical.


Our experience leveraging Twitter’s marketing tools on behalf of our clients isn’t the only reason you should choose Taktical to handle your Twitter marketing campaigns. You should also consider our reputation.

Numerous industry publications and insiders frequently recognize us with awards and accolades. Our clients also routinely sing our praises.

This is because we put the client first. We understand that your brand is unique. So are your goals. Knowing that, we focus on a collaborative approach that ensures our work aligns with your vision.

Our approach is also results-driven. While our in-house creative team develops on-brand, dynamic content, our Paid Social department obsessively monitors key metrics and data to track and optimize your campaign’s performance. This dedication to your satisfaction has helped us attract major clients like Chase, Rachel Zoe, and WeWork, along with smaller newcomers.

If you’re ready to promote your company’s growth with a Twitter advertising campaign, we’re ready to hear what you have in mind. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.




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