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What to Know About Reddit Marketing​

Understanding the Reddit Audience

Reddit’s users are not just numerous but also highly engaged, making them a prime audience for marketers. Since its independence in 2011, Reddit has grown to over 1.2 million communities, known as subreddits, each centered around specific interests or queries. This unique structure simplifies and enhances the effectiveness of advertising on Reddit.

  • Over 52 million daily active users as of December 2020.
  • 58% of the user base is under 35 years old.
  • A balanced gender distribution with 44% female and 56% male users.

Targeting with Precision

Advertising on Reddit allows for targeted campaigns within relevant subreddits, ensuring your message reaches an engaged and interested audience. Our Reddit marketing agency understands the power of this targeted approach, exemplified by successful campaigns like Curology’s targeted ad in the /r/SkinCareAddiction subreddit, which resulted in a 220% increase in customers.

What Sets Our Reddit Marketing Agency Apart

Navigating Reddit’s unique landscape requires expertise to avoid pitfalls and maximize success. Taktical Digital, a premier Reddit marketing agency, offers this expertise. Our team’s award-winning experience in paid social platforms and a data-driven approach ensures your brand resonates with the Reddit community while maintaining its integrity.

  • We can demonstrate results from past campaigns
  • We employ an in-house creative team
  • We take a data-driven approach
  • We consistently earn awards and praise from industry experts

Understanding the Reddit Audience

More than 52 milliondaily active users as of December 2020 58% of the community is under 35 years old The user base is pretty evenly split between female (44%) and male (56%)

Reddit users are an active group of individuals that represent an engaged group of potential consumers. Since announcing its independence in 2011, the site has accumulated over 1.2 million communities as of January 2018, which are comprised of subreddits established on user interest and questions.

These subreddits are one of the reasons that advertising on Reddit is considered so simple and effective. Brands are able to target subreddits that pertain to their product or service. Considering that the subreddit is utilized only by those interested in that topic, marketers have an extremely well-defined audience of engaged individuals.

For example, when Curology launched their Reddit ad, they targeted a hyper-specific community of users by advertising in the /r/SkinCareAddiction subreddit. After just two months, they earned 220% more customers and shifted 50% of their marketing budget to running Reddit ads.

Besides the audience targeting abilities, launching a Reddit marketing strategy also has advantages regarding user engagement and affordability. Because Reddit ads can appear in specific subreddits, it provides community members the ability to comment on the ad and provide feedback.

Essentially, brands have built-in tools that help them connect with and engage with customers Woodchuck Hard Cider took full advantage of this by running promoted posts and keeping the comments on. By having a conversation with users, they were able to engage with customers and they won over Reddit users in droves. During the campaign, they racked up more than 5,000 comments and had their best sales month in seven years.

In terms of affordability, the Reddit self-serve ad platform only offers two types of ads: Promoted posts and display ads. Thus, you won’t waste your marketing budget running many different types of ads on the same platform. Promoted posts, in particular, can be effective on a low CPM budget. The minimum budget on a Reddit ad campaign is just $5.

The basics of Reddit advertising

There are two methods for advertising on Reddit: going through the self-serve Reddit ad platform or enlisting the help of the site’s managed services. The biggest difference between the two is price, with self-serve minimum starting at $5 versus $50K for the managed option. So, we’re going to focus on launching a Reddit marketing strategy through the self-serve platform.

Through self-serve, there is just one option for Reddit ad format: Promoted posts. Within Promoted posts, there is the option to either run a link ad or text ad. A link ad will include a link to an offsite URL, such as your website or landing page. A text ad, on the other hand, links directly within Reddit to another page or post. This can include more description around your offer, additional prompts for feedback, and more.

If your goal from Reddit marketing is driving direct traffic, opt for a link ad. If it’s to promote brand engagement and conversation, launch text ads instead. Once you decide what type of ad to run, you’ll want to follow Reddit ad copy best practices to figure out how best to format and design it.

Then, it’s time to select your target audience. This includes the option for targeting by subreddit, which is highly recommended. Between your own research and third party tools, you can analyze which subreddits are best for your Reddit marketing goals. Additionally, you have the option of selecting negative keywords and/or subreddits that you don’t want your ad appearing on.

Once it’s time to set your budget, you’ll need to place your bid at the highest amount you’re willing to pay. The Reddit advertising bidding system is based on cost per thousand impressions, and as mentioned previously, has a minimum daily budget of $5.
After setting up and optimizing the design of your Reddit ad, selecting the target audience and outlets, and establishing your budget, all that’s left is to submit your ad and then track it. Unlike with other platforms, you’ll want to track feedback left by users on your advertisement. This is one of the best methods for optimizing your Reddit advertising strategy and analyzing its success accurately.

Advertise, optimize and increase your sales with Taktical Digital

  • We can show off genuine results from past campaigns
  • We employ an in-house creative team
  • We’re obsessed with data
  • We consistently earn awards and praise from industry experts

Why Advertise on Reddit?

Advertising on Reddit taps into a unique, engaged audience, ideal for targeted campaigns. With its diverse and active user base, advertisers can reach specific communities, ensuring high relevance and engagement. Reddit’s structured environment and cost-effective advertising options make it a strategic platform for impactful, audience-centric marketing campaigns, suitable for various business sizes and budgets.

Pinpoint specific communities for highly relevant advertising.
Capitalize on Reddit’s active, discussion-driven user environment.
Accessible minimum budget, suitable for all business sizes.
Direct engagement with users for enhanced brand connection.
Reach a wide, varied audience, including younger generations.

Engaging with a Reddit marketing agency to navigate these benefits ensures your brand capitalizes on Reddit’s unique advertising landscape. By targeting specific communities and engaging with a diverse user base, a skilled agency can significantly amplify your brand’s reach and resonance. This strategy not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also cultivates genuine connections, paving the way for sustained growth and a compelling digital presence.

How to Partner with a Reddit Marketing Agency

Reddit is still an unknown platform for most marketers, and advertising on Reddit comes with serious consequences if not done correctly. There’s always the EA games downvote debacle on a comment they made in response to user feedback on their ad to warn marketers of the dangers of this platform.

However, with the right knowledge, experience, and tools, you can take an approach to Reddit advertising that yields results like 450% return on ad spend and a 66% increase in site visits..

Enlisting the help of a top Reddit advertising firm means avoiding the pitfalls on this site, and maximizing your chances for success. Instead of avoiding Reddit marketing for fear of downvotes or critical responses, partnering with professional Reddit advertisers lets you utilize the outspoken, influential, and engaged “Redditors” to your advantage. This also means avoiding the pricey expense of the Reddit managed ad services.

Taktical Digital is a premiere Reddit marketing agency that has experienced award-winning success across paid social platforms. Our team of digital marketing experts will work closely with you as a partner in achieving your Reddit advertising goals. We understand the intricacies of Reddit marketing, and how to maintain your brand’s identity and integrity while appealing to the unique community of Reddit users.

Our data-driven mindset ensures you can track and analyze your results from advertising on the Reddit. Our unrivaled management technology ensures you enjoy the best possible returns while being able to understand and optimize your Reddit marketing performance. As a dedicated Reddit advertising agency, we work with you the entire way to both launch your ads, and scale with you as you experience the benefits from our ROI-focused process.

Contact Taktical Digital today to learn more about our Reddit advertising services.

Our Reddit Marketing Process

Discussion & Research

Your dedicated team at Taktical will engage in in-depth discussions about your business model, strategies, and objectives for your Reddit marketing campaigns, ensuring a tailored approach.


We will develop a strategic plan focusing on the tone, cadence, and sequence of your Reddit ads, informed by our initial discovery session, our expertise, and industry best practices.

Monitoring Your Reddit Ad Campaign

We’ll create initial Reddit creatives, including imagery and ad copy, for your approval. A new set of assets will be produced monthly for a dynamic campaign.

Refining Your Reddit Campaign

Our Reddit marketing services include an audit of your site’s tracking and conversion tools to ensure accurate performance tracking.

Reporting Data

Launching and testing new Reddit ads is just the start. We’ll monitor campaign activity, optimizing spend and reallocating resources based on performance.

Why Taktical Digital as Your Reddit Agency?

Internationally acclaimed for our performance, Taktical Digital is dedicated to helping brands thrive in a competitive landscape.

With our unique performance marketing strategies, we have earned recognition across the globe from both clients and digital marketing industry experts.

Our diverse client base, including Chase and Rachel Zoe, has benefited from our tailored social media and Reddit advertising strategies. Our commitment is to propel your brand forward with Reddit marketing, backed by an exceptional in-house creative team and a Paid Social department skilled in data analysis and reporting. Contact us to explore how we can amplify your brand’s presence on Reddit.

Reddit Marketing FAQs

A Reddit marketing agency specializes in creating and executing marketing strategies tailored to the Reddit platform. They understand Reddit’s unique culture and how to engage its communities without disrupting the user experience. Services include subreddit analysis, content creation, ad campaign management, and community engagement strategies, all designed to build brand awareness and drive traffic in a way that resonates with Reddit’s audience.

The cost of advertising on Reddit varies based on the campaign’s scale, targeting options, and duration. Reddit offers both cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) bidding models, allowing for flexible budgeting. A Reddit advertising agency can help optimize your budget to ensure maximum visibility and engagement for your ads within your financial parameters.

Reddit ads can be highly effective due to the platform’s engaged and niche communities. The effectiveness often depends on the relevance and authenticity of the ad content to the targeted subreddit audience. Compared to other platforms, Reddit allows for deeper engagement with specific interest groups, making well-crafted campaigns particularly potent for brand awareness and community building.

Yes, Reddit’s advertising platform allows businesses to target ads to specific subreddits, enabling you to reach a highly relevant audience based on their interests and behaviors. A Reddit ads agency can assist in identifying the best subreddits for your business, crafting messages that resonate with each community’s specific interests and norms.

Success in a Reddit marketing campaign is measured through engagement rates, traffic driven to your site, conversion rates, and overall brand sentiment within the platform. A Reddit marketing agency utilizes analytics tools to track these metrics, offering insights into how well the campaign is performing and where adjustments can be made for improvement.

Businesses that offer niche products or services can benefit greatly from a Reddit marketing agency’s expertise. Due to Reddit’s community-driven nature, companies in tech, gaming, entertainment, finance, and education sectors, among others, can particularly thrive by engaging authentically with relevant subreddits and leveraging targeted advertising strategies to connect with passionate audiences.

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