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Working with a premiere Facebook marketing agency like Taktical Digital can boost post engagement by 4 times and achieve an almost 0.5% click-through rate. Driven by our goal to drive growth, Taktical Digital has proven strategies and solutions to grow your company through Facebook advertising.

Having worked with Do Amore Jewelry to achieve their goal of increasing revenue and purchases with Facebook advertising, our team of specialists have the pertinent experience to conquer any Facebook marketing mission you have for your business. We were successful in surpassing Do Amore Jewelry’s goals as we increased annual revenue (Facebook-specific) by over 1000%. Our strategic experts have boosted sales through Facebook advertising before, and they can do it for your business as well.

In fact, Facebook isn’t just Facebook anymore. As Meta expands and increases connection between its platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and other ventures deepen, brands will lose out if they don’t know how to take advantage of the ecosystem.

Partnering with an experienced Facebook advertising agency can ensure you get the most out of this platform. And when you don’t have strong goals for your Facebook ad campaign, you don’t maximize efficiency or optimization. We help you:

Why work with a Facebook advertising agency?

Capitalize on all of Facebook’s many features designed specifically for marketers.

Stats prove that year after year, Facebook’s popularity continues to grow at lightning-fast speed. By the end of 2013, the relatively new platform had around 757 million daily users. As of 2023, Facebook had over 2 billion DAUs.

It’s also important to know that in 2023, Facebook generated nearly $32 billion in revenue. The company has seen an over 68% increase in their stock value in the last 12 months. And, approximately 97.5% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Facebook ads.

Add in the fact that Facebook yields an average of 8 billion daily video views, and it becomes immensely clear why brands can’t overlook this major marketing opportunity.

Facebook earned over $32 billion in revenue in Q2 2023
>97% of Facebook’s revenue came from ads
40% of the world's population is on Facebook
93% of social marketers regularly use Facebook ads
Over 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook, many of them small businesses

Our Facebook advertising process

Optimize your campaign with experienced Facebook marketing experts who have a proven track record of success. Taktical Digital is an experienced Facebook ad agency that will optimize your marketing campaign in the ways that matter most on this social media platform.

Selecting a target audience

No one knows the consumer better than the client, so Facebook ad agencies like Taktical Digital begin by collaborating closely with their client to understand the customer base and how to reach them.

Creating the ad

When it comes to actually creating an ad, Taktical Digital provides ad specs and speaks knowledgeably on best practices for design. An experienced in-house creative team like ours will know that a collaborative approach is especially crucial in this stage to ensure the client is represented accurately. They will work alongside the client to ensure brand identity is conveyed and visibility is optimized.

Tracking the performance of the Facebook ad

A professional Facebook advertising agency like Taktical Digital will provide measurable results and be able to adjust campaigns based on quantitative data. Social media advertising agencies should always be operating with the most up-to-date tools and knowledge to analyze results then taking a proactive approach in conveying them to clients. We believe there is no compromise. A data-driven strategy for Facebook advertising is a must.

Facebook Case Study

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Why Taktical Digital?

Internationally recognized for both performance and prowess, Taktical is a premiere performance marketing agency.

Taktical Digital has earned international recognition from both clients and digital marketing industry experts by offering client-centric services and delivering results that help brands scale quickly in an increasingly competitive world.

Having worked with clients across the fashion, finance, and technology industries, we have a deep understanding of the differing needs of our clients. Leading companies like Chase, Do Amore Jewelry, and Rachel Zoe, and growing startups alike have trusted us to optimize their companies through data-backed digital advertising strategies – and we’re eager to do the same for you.

Regardless of your goals, industry, company size, or budget, we’re eager to help you boost your brand’s momentum with Facebook advertising. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Facebook Ads FAQs

Yes! Facebook’s algorithms analyze what its users like to see. If you create branded content that connects to specific users and their interests, you can meet them where they are. That’s why nearly 80% of Facebook users have had their first contact with brands through the platform.

That depends on how well you’ve narrowed down your target audience. But if you’ve figured out what your prospective clients want and what types of content they’re likely to view, then Facebook has the potential to put your products and services in front of millions of high-quality customers.

Depending on the type of ad, Facebook offers a number of pricing structures for ads, starting at about a dollar per click. You can set your budget and bid strategy to get the most out of your ad spend.

While you can’t technically run ads for free on Facebook, if you are creative at cultivating your target audience, your Facebook business page shows up in people’s recommendations. If you offer free content that is useful to potential clients, you will build trust that can translate into them purchasing your products or services.

Facebook offers a myriad of options for ad format, but some of the best ones include:

  1. Image: This is one of the best options for clients on a budget
  2. Video: Great for demonstrating how something works
  3. Lead: These mobile-only ads allow customers to fill in their contact information automatically
  4. Poll: Gather information about your customers and let them responses from others with shared interests 
  5. Dynamic: These ads can target potential customers based on their browsing history

That all depends on who your desired customers are, where they are likely to see the ads, and how they prefer to engage with content. You might want a slideshow ad to display several of your products or a video ad to demonstrate how your services can save your clients money. There are dozens of possibilities that you can tailor to your budget, clients, and goals. The Taktical Facebook advertising team are experts in all ad types and which are best for your campaign.

That all depends on who you are targeting, what types of content will drive the most conversions, and your budget. Any agency that offers a flat rate will likely cut corners, so you need to be able to collaboratively plan with your ad agency to find the right strategy to fit your goals.

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