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At Taktical Digital, our award-winning specialists apply a combination of expertise, innovative thinking, and a data-obsessed mindset to help you leverage the full potential of a facebook marketing campaign.

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Facebook marketing campaigns tap into a platform with literally billions of active monthly users to help brands massively grow their audiences, boost engagement, and drive revenue. At Taktical, our Facebook marketing experts tailor every aspect of your campaign to your specific goals, size, and budget, delivering proven data-driven results.

Optimizing both the budget and the results of any marketing campaign involves targeting the right audience. Facebook makes this easy. With the Custom Audiences feature, you can target users based on age, location, interests, and much more. If you want to build a new audience base, the Lookalike Audiences feature can generate one that shares essential qualities of another audience. Facebook’s features also allow you to maximize the reach and frequency of your campaigns. That’s key to getting the strongest possible return-on-investment.

You simply need to partner with a Facebook marketing team who knows how to leverage these features to their full potential. In other words, you need to partner with Taktical Digital.

Making the most of your budget with a Facebook advertising campaign. Facebook marketing also lets you make smart use of your budget. Before publishing an ad, you bid for it. The size of your bid determines the likelihood of relevant users seeing it. This makes accurately predicting your return-on-investment very easy. You can also choose to pay for conversions or impressions. Perhaps most importantly, once you launch your campaign, you can easily adjust your finances based on its performance.

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Why Facebook?

Facebook gives you access to a truly massive audience. The platform currently has 2.7 billion monthly active users throughout the world and remains among the top five most-trafficked websites on the entire planet.

Facebook’s value as a powerful advertising tool can’t be overstated. The platform doesn’t merely have billions of users — it has billions of users who report visiting Facebook every day. To be exact, Facebook currently boasts 1.73 daily active users.

Those users represent an extremely wide range of age groups, nationalities, races, and many, many other demographic factors. No matter what type of product or service you offer, millions of leads in your target audience are on Facebook, waiting to discover your brand. They’re also waiting to share your brand with other Facebook users, giving you incalculable amounts of free advertising in the process.

The rise of other social media platforms hasn’t threatened Facebook’s dominance. No other platform boasts even half as many monthly active users as Facebook. Nearly 70% of all adults in the U.S. alone use Facebook, and 78% of U.S. Facebook users report discovering brands on the platform.

Need more reason to believe marketing on Facebook is essential? Consider these stats:

- 86% of marketers already advertise on Facebook
- The average user spends close to an hour on Facebook every day
- Facebook generated $17.44 billion in ad revenue in Q1 2020
- Facebook reaches 60% of all Internet users, making it the leading social platform
- More than 80 million small businesses throughout the world have a Facebook presence

If you want a visual representation of Facebook’s value to a marketer, just look at this chart showing the consistent rise in active daily Facebook users across the world:

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The fact that the vast majority of marketers advertise on Facebook doesn’t just mean you should too. It also means you need to apply expert strategies to ensure your brand rises to the top. Our Facebook marketing team will help you achieve this goal.

At Taktical, we help you take full advantage of Facebook’s marketing features in the following key ways:


Step 1: Collaboration Not every single one of Facebook’s nearly three billion users will belong to your target audience. Carefully and consciously using all of Facebook’s audience targeting features ensures the right users see your ads.

Taktical Facebook marketing team understands that no one knows your audience better than, well, you. That’s the reason we collaborate closely at the start, making sure we know absolutely everything we should about your customer base. Then we use what we’ve learned to create audiences of users who’ll enthusiastically engage with your ads and brand.

Step 2: Ad Creation There are many different types of Facebook ads. There are also countless ad design choices to consider. On top of that, design best practices are constantly changing with consumer and user tastes.

We always keep these facts in mind when creating Facebook ads for our clients at Taktical. Our in-house creative team stays up-to-date on best practices to design ads today’s users will notice and engage with, while also working alongside our clients to ensure their ads embody their unique brands.

Step 3: Monitoring We at Taktical don’t believe in publishing Facebook ads and hoping for the best. We’re committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

We consistently do so by using the latest tools and knowledge to monitor the performance of our Facebook campaigns. Through detailed data analysis, we determine which strategies are working, and which need to be adjusted, fine-tuning each and every campaign for maximum value.

Why Taktical Digital

Virtually all digital marketing agencies promise unbeatable results. Taktical has the track record to prove we’ll actually deliver those results. Major brands in such diverse industries as technology, fashion, and finance (and plenty more) have trusted us to help them launch, track, and perfect their Facebook campaigns through our expert approach. Doing so hasn’t just resulted in major growth for these brands. It’s also maximized their ROI. .

Rachel Zoe, Artsy, and Capsule are merely a few thriving brands who’ve benefited from our results-driven approach to social media marketing. Along with praising our ability to help them achieve their goals, many of our clients have pointed out how we at Taktical collaborate in a manner that ensures total transparency and flexibility.

We impress our clients time and time again by hiring the best talent. When creating Facebook ads, our stellar in-house creative team applies their vast knowledge of design principles to generate ads that stand out among the crowd, prompt users to take action, and communicate a brand’s identity.

This gives the Paid Social department all the time and freedom they need to closely monitor a campaign’s performance. Throughout the process, all members also remember that respecting a client’s vision is among our top priorities.

These are all reasons Taktical continues to attract new clients, earns praise from past clients, and frequently receives awards from social media marketing experts, organizations, and publications.

Facebook ads offer you the opportunity to take your brand to new heights without spending more than you can afford. Taktical will help you seize that opportunity. Talk to us today to learn how.

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