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Taktical Digital’s award-winning team helps your brand tap into a massive audience with Amazon advertising.

Leverage Taktical Digital’s proven strategies to grow your brand and boost sales with an Amazon marketing campaign.

Getting started with Amazon advertising: What you need to know

Effective digital marketing involves launching campaigns on platforms that give you access to the largest audience possible.

That’s the primary reason your brand should be marketing on Amazon. Consider the fact that in 2019 Amazon’s total annual revenue exceeded $280.52 billion. In comparison, Facebook, another tech giant, only generated $70.7 billion in revenue that year.

Amazon remains by far the eCommerce industry titan. Its customers represent an incredibly wide demographic range, and they hail from all over the world. Thus, advertising on Amazon provides marketers with a unique opportunity to launch campaigns that cast an incredibly wide net.

Amazon also offers features that help marketers hyper-target their audiences. This is key on a platform with so many regular visitors. Such targeting features help you ensure your ads reach the customers most likely to engage with them.

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Additionally, Amazon campaigns can help you achieve various goals, such as:

- Boosting sales of products on Amazon
- Driving traffic to non-Amazon sites
- Boosting app downloads.

Amazon’s specific advertising solutions include such options as Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, Audio ads, and numerous others.

On the one hand, this gives marketers the freedom to customize their campaigns to a much greater degree than they might be able to on other platforms. However, it also highlights the value of working with a marketing agency that’s already familiar with Amazon’s relatively new advertising features. They’ll help you plan and launch a campaign designed to maximize your return-on-investment.

Why our Amazon marketing team stands out.

  • - We identified and researched Amazon’s marketing potential early
  • - We employ an in-house creative team
  • - We’re obsessed with data
  • - We consistently earn awards and praise from industry experts
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Amazon advertising offers massive potential for marketers.

Amazon is essentially to eCommerce what Google is to web surfing. It’s the go-top option for the vast majority of Internet users.

It’s also only recently embraced its role as a potential advertising platform. Marketers need to take notice. Brands that start advertising on Amazon sooner rather than later have the chance to take advantage of its tremendous popularity before the competition does.

And make no mistake, Amazon’s user base is tremendous. The following statistics put Amazon’s value to marketers seeking to reach a large audience into better perspective:

- In the US alone, 95 million people have Amazon Prime accounts (that’s nearly one-third of the entire American populace)
- Surveys reveal 66% of American online shoppers begin searching for products on Amazon
- Amazon accounts for nearly 50% of annual US eCommerce spending
- The ratio of Millennial Amazon users to Boomer Amazon users is two-to-one
- Nine out of 10 shoppers report checking the prices of items on Amazon before buying them elsewhere when looking for deals

Statistics such as these should send a clear message to marketers: Amazon’s already massive popularity continues to grow at lightning-fast speed. Thus, your ads need to be on Amazon.

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Advertise, Optimize and Increase Your Sales
on Amazon with Taktical Digital

We are an elite team of experienced digital marketers based in New York City.


Taktial Digital is an Amazon advertising agency with a proven track record.

To launch an Amazon advertising campaign that yields ideal results, you need to partner with experts who thoroughly understand the site’s advertising features and capabilities.

The fact that Amazon offers marketers what’s potentially an extremely valuable advertising opportunity doesn’t mean launching a campaign on Amazon will guarantee immediate success. Again, Amazon’s advertising features and tools are wide-ranging. They’re also somewhat new. You need to review them carefully to determine which will most effectively help you achieve your goals. You also need to develop a strategy that maximizes audience reach while optimizing your budget.

These are all reasons it’s crucial that you partner with an Amazon advertising firm you can rely on. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Taktical Digital.

Taktial Digital is an Amazon advertising agency with a proven track record.

Step 1: Discussion & Research
Our process begins with thorough research and discussions. To develop a strategy that yields optimal results, we want to fully understand your goals and brand.

Step 2: Development
Our in-house creative team applies what we learned when strategizing to develop Amazon ad content that stands out.

Step 3: Monitoring Your Amazon Ads
Taktical consistently helps clients thrive because we’re obsessed with data. As soon as we begin running an Amazon marketing campaign, we also begin monitoring it, looking for ways to enhance its value and effectiveness.

Step 4: Refining Your Amazon Campaign
When we learn which elements of your Amazon ad campaign are strongest, we adjust the campaign accordingly.

Step 5: Reporting Data
We ensure our clients know they’re getting their money’s worth by sharing data that proves we’ve delivered results.

How Taktical Digital Stands Out

We at Taktical consistently earn digital marketing industry awards, along with high praise from our clients. They include such major brands as Chase, WeWork, Rachel Zoe, and many others, along with small startups eager to grow fast in a competitive environment.

We’ve cultivated a strong reputation among both our clients and industry experts for several reasons. One is our focus on collaboration. In a crowded market, we understand it’s more important than ever for advertising campaigns to employ the latest best practices while also embodying a brand’s unique qualities. This is key to helping them stand out. With that in mind, we work closely with you during the early stages in order to fully understand your specific brand and goals.

We also adhere to a proven results-driven approach. At Taktical, we don’t quickly generate a campaign idea and plan, leaving clients to implement it and hope for the best. We tailor our services to each client’s needs, and we actively monitor essential data to identify the best strategies. We don’t want your Amazon advertising campaign to be acceptable: we want it to be perfect.

That’s the type of dedication you need when advertising on Amazon. Keep in mind, even if you don’t sell products directly on Amazon, using the site’s third-party ad solutions still gives you the opportunity to reach an extremely large user base.

We’ll help you do so. To learn more about Taktical Digital’s Amazon Advertising services, contact us today.

Why Taktical Digital?

Internationally recognized for both performance and prowess, Taktical is a premiere performance marketing agency. Our experience spans many diverse industries such as technology, fashion, and finance. With proven expertise in Facebook advertising, we help businesses launch, track, and improve their social media ad campaigns through our results-driven approach to Facebook marketing. Not only do our Facebook ad campaigns drive development for our clients, they effectively maximize ROI.

Preeminent companies such as Artsy, Capsule, and Rachel Zoe trusted us with their social media marketing because of our proven data-driven results. We are especially lauded on the collaborative approach we take with clients, ensuring transparency and flexibility every step of the way. 

An impressive in-house creative team optimizes design while an experienced Paid Social department focuses on the tracking, measuring, and reporting of data. Always at the cutting edge of advertising strategy, we use our breadth of knowledge in tandem with the vision of respected clients to maximize results. Taktical Digital is the Facebook advertising agency of choice for industry leaders and small businesses alike. Talk to us today about what we can do for you. 




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