Taktical Approach


Our team helped Rachel Zoe achieve their goals by producing copy that suggested the true value of the products and compared it to what customers actually paid for them. We also prioritized grabbing and keeping the attention of leads with new and dynamic creative that both caught their eye and answered their questions.
Demand was apparent from the start. We responded by strategically segmenting our audiences and periodically expanding them. This was key to sustaining our numbers. The results speak for themselves.


Rachel Zoe approached Taktical with a starting monthly budget of $30k. The task: attract customers while keeping the cost per website purchase under $100.
Our challenges? Generating copy that simultaneously answered customer questions and demonstrated the value of the products, while also regularly updating creative and design features to ensure consistent audience engagement.

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  • -37% Cost of Acquisition
  • +217% Purchases
  • +961% Landing Page Views
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