Amazon Advertising 101

Want to sell a product?

Where do you go: Amazon

Not only is Amazon well-known all around the world, but it also attracts a large amount of customer traffic every single day. 

But Amazon’s not just for selling; it’s also an advertising platform.

And an increasingly important one at that, with expected growth of over 470% in the next five years

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Due to Amazon’s unique position in the e-commerce industry, it is imperative for you to familiarize yourself with its ad platform.

By understanding the basics of Amazon advertising, you can start your campaign off on the right foot. 

Focusing your energy on an Amazon advertising campaign – no matter what industry you’re in – means you’re more likely to see a significant increase in your overall conversion rate and thus a boost in your sales! 

So, we’re exploring the essentials of the Amazon advertising platform.

In particular, we’re looking into what makes Amazon worldwide advertising so unique and effective.

We’re then breaking down the two most popular types of Amazon advertising campaigns.

This is your official intro: Welcome to Amazon Advertising 101! 

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What Makes the Amazon Advertising Platform Unique?

Amazon is a global online marketplace that attracts millions of visitors on it’s platform. 

The traction that Amazon has surpasses that of any other, making it the largest retailer on the planet – online and off.

It is this dominance and increasing importance among online shoppers that makes the platform so unique and effective. 

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As a result, many sellers feel that they should leverage this kind of traffic in their favor by both selling on the platform and launching an Amazon advertising campaign. 

Afterall, the more visitors that are exposed to your product through various promotional methods, the more likely they are to actually complete a purchase. 

There’s no other e-commerce platform that offers the reach of Amazon, making it the go-to option to advertise and sell online.

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Types of Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Amazon offers various types of ad formats. These ads include the following: 

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

These Amazon ads show up on either the top or bottom of the search results page. 

amazon advertising platform - sponsored products

Sponsored Product ads are set up using keyword targeting, and sellers bid for clicks.

Sellers can choose from three separate keyword match options:

  • exact
  • phrase
  • broad

Furthermore, sellers have the ability to customize both their budgets as well as their campaign duration. 

To enjoy even greater success from a Sponsored Product Amazon advertising campaign, make sure your product listings are optimized.

Ensuring your products are already keyword optimized and formatted for success will ensure your campaign runs even more smoothly and effectively.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Formerly headline search ads, Sponsored Brand ads also pop up on the results page – except that they are displayed above the result listing. 

amazon advertising platform - sponsored brands

These kinds of ads are also keyword targeted, but you can choose up to 3 products to promote instead of just one.

Plus, you get to include your brand logo.

When people click on the logo, they’re directed to your Store or custom landing page.

Click on a product, and they’re taken specifically to that product page.

Keep in mind with setting up this Amazon advertising campaign that in terms of keyword match-types, exact and phrase match are the only two options for this type of ad. 

Also, like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand ads are based on a cost-per-click budget.

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Take Advantage of Amazon Worldwide Advertising Today

As you can see, the Amazon advertising platform is a great tool for pretty much anyone to use.

Whether it’s to increase your sales on Amazon, drive traffic to a specific Store or landing page, or simply spread brand awareness, a campaign on this platform enhances your overall e-selling experience. 

Want to know more about Amazon advertising?

Talk to us!

We are an experienced Amazon ads agency that can answer your questions, provide brand-specific recommendations, and partner with you to achieve the best results from the platform.





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