Clutch Announces Taktical Digital as a Top New York SEO Agency in 2019 Report

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Creating a digital footprint is critical for startups. If your company is not visible on the web, your chances of survival are slim. Taktical Digital can help companies grow their online presence with social media advertising and search marketing. From SEO to Facebook advertising, we help firms expose their brand and generate leads. As a result of our success, Clutch awarded Taktical Digital in their 2019 report. 

Since 2013, Clutch has been the Washington D.C.-based startup that has been matching B2B service providers with prospective buyers online through their unique ratings methodology. After careful analysis of industry data and conducting in-depth client interviews, Clutch lists Taktical Digital as a top SEO agency in New York. The feedback Clutch collects is incredibly valuable as it allows our team to do the best work for our clients as possible when it comes to both our SEO services and Facebook advertising. To all the clients that have participated in review-calls or submitted their review online, we appreciate the time you have taken to contribute to our success. As a result of this feedback, we hold a 4.8 star-rating out of a possible 5 stars for our PPC marketing and SEO services. Featured below is a preview of one of our reviews:

Additionally, we have been featured as a top SEO agency on a Clutch sister-site called The Manifest. This website is designed to be similar to a business news platform by featuring industry rankings, how-to guides and state of tech news. On The Manifest we are able to stand out as a top performer in the social media marketing category. We look forward to showcasing our portfolio on the firm’s second sister site, Visual Objects.

The entire team at Taktical Digital is happy to receive this award for our outstanding SEO marketing services and Facebook advertising success. We are proud that our work helping firms grow on the web has been recognized. Get in touch today and increase your digital footprint!






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