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What Are Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads and How to Use Them

Creating multiple variations of ads has always been of the utmost importance for Facebook marketers.

Testing combinations of headlines, images, videos, and more allow PPC advertisers to zero in on the perfect blend of copy and imagery for their target audience.

However, testing this can be a challenge.

As a Facebook advertising agency or independent marketer, you need to consider questions like:

  • How many should you test?
  • Does budget make an impact?
  • How do you isolate each variable without driving yourself crazy?

Let’s say you want to test 3 headlines, 2 videos, 4 versions of text, and 2 call to action buttons that gives you a grand total of….. 48 Facebook ads.


There’s simply no efficient way to manually test and optimize those ads.

Even worse, rather than allocating spend evenly across these ads, Facebook will start zeroing in on 2-4 variations exclusively.

This leaves the rest of your meticulously crafted Facebook ads going completely untested.

Facebook ad like

The newly introduced Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads feature aims to take this issue off of your plate and into the data-hungry mouth of its ever-growing algorithm.

Like automatic placement optimization before it, this tool aims to take manual testing out of the equation, and let the all-powerful algorithm decide.

So what do you get with Facebook dynamic creative ads?

Taktical’s very own Paid Media Manager, Dane Kragness, gives the inside scoop below on what Facebook dynamic creative ads are and how you can start using them today.

The Basics of Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

Instead of painstakingly creating every possible variation of an ad, Facebook dynamic creative ads allows you to submit variations for each aspect of it.

The platform then automatically mixes and matches them, and tests all the possible variations to determine which works best for each part of your audience.

Here’s what you can test with Facebook dynamic creative ads:

  • 5 headlines
  • 10 images OR videos
  • 5 versions of text
  • Five descriptions
  • 5 CTA buttons

(you cannot combine images and videos in the same test)

Now, instead of 48 different ads, you’ll have 1.

This single Facebook ad then has 48 variations dynamically tested by the all-knowing algorithm.

How to Launch a Facebook Dynamic Creative Ad

Creating your Facebook dynamic creative ad looks like this:

Create your campaign in POWER EDITOR (dynamic creative is not currently available in “Guided Creation”):

create Facebook dynamic ad campaign

At the ad set level, flip the “Dynamic Creative” switch on:

Facebook dynamic creative ad switch

Then, at the ad level, select all the assets that you want to test:

Facebook dynamic creative ad asset test

assets, part 2

And view all your variations!

view Facebook dynamic creative ad results

Of course, you still exercise some measure of control over the software.

In the “Breakdowns” menu, you’ll find an additional option to breakdown “By Dynamic Creative Asset”:

Facebook dynamic creative ads Breakdown menu

Here you can see how each asset performs, and whether you want to breakdown by image, headline, text, etc.

Breakdown, part 2

Now, you can still clearly see which assets are performing best for your Facebook ad campaign, and easily remove those that are not.

Breakdown, part 3

Unlike before, Facebook tests each asset more evenly, giving you more information about which variations of your ads result in optimal performance.

The Impact Dynamic Creative Ads on Facebook Have on Your Business

This newest feature from Facebook HQ makes life far easier for businesses advertising on Facebook.

Facebook marketers no longer need to create individual variations as their own ads.

Instead, all the variations now reside within a single Facebook ad.

Then, the platform’s effective ad algorithm cycles through for automatic optimization.

The other major benefit of Facebook dynamic creative ads is the advantages it offers for the success of an overall campaign.

Through automatic Facebook ad targeting optimization, your chances for a more profitable ad campaign are greater.

Facebook ad testing is the basis for boosting your ROI and maximizing engagement.

The new Facebook dynamic creative ads provides the ultimate tool for marketers to simplify their ad campaigns. It also aids in increasing conversions and benefitting a brand’s bottom line.

For additional help in understanding what Facebook dynamic ads are and how to use them, a professional Facebook advertising agency is the best place to start.

Contact Taktical Digital today about how we can help get you started on launching a Facebook ad campaign using the best tools and knowledge in the industry: Let’s Chat!


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