Taktical Growth Hacks – #80

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Growth Hacks:

Taktical Growth Hacks - email open

Growth Hack #1 – Get Your Emails Delivered, No Matter What:

Every time you add a new subscribers to your list or send out an email, it’s important to make sure those users “whitelist” your brand.

So what does this mean?

Whitelisting increases deliverability to your entire system – not just a specific user. It also protects you from being sent to spam.

WhatCounts.com made a detailed list of instructions outlining exactly how to get this done – regardless of email server.

Whenever you’re being sent to spam, you should send these instructions to subscribers. You could also include them in your newsletter autoresponder.

You can even automate the process to send the right instructions to the right user.

Source: https://www.whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/

Growth Hack #2 – Optimize a Dedicated Landing Page to Boost Signups by 30%:

A PPC ad campaign run by Secret Escapes A/B/C tested landing pages for the same keyword.

Here’s what happened:
– Version A: Stayed as is.
– Version B: Included a spa-related image → 26% more sign-ups
– Version C: Added photo and put ‘spa’ in headline → 32% more sign-ups

By combining evocative imagery with text, your brand can boost sign-ups to a specific landing page by over 30%.

Source: https://blog.optimizely.com/2015/06/02/case-study-testing-personalization-at-secret-escapes/

Taktical Growth Hacks - spam blocker

Growth Hack #3 – Avoid Inbox Blacklisting In 4 Easy Steps:

The fastest way to end up blacklisted is to send unwanted sales pitches to people who didn’t even sign up for them in the first place.

Incorporating these four strategies will deliver the results you want instead of landing you in spam boxes:
1. Welcome emails: this content explains to new clients what it is that you do/can provide.
2. Drip and newsletter campaigns: these messages should stay true to the welcome email, providing valuable and relevant information to your audience.
3. Sharing is NOT caring: Avoid sharing or farming your list to brands that have nothing to do with your services; this can alienate users.
4. Maintain quality: Monitor your email content with tools like http://mail-tester.com to avoid being sent to spam

Source: 500 startups

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