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Josh MacDonald Sells SEO Company SerpClix After Proving New Google Ranking Factor

After bringing his new company to market in June 2016, Josh MacDonald has sold the software venture just 18 months later. With over 250 clients, SerpClix is a software company that helps websites rank higher on Google by increasing the click-through rate.

In one study on YouTube, MacDonald was able to use SerpClix to move 3 out of 4 keywords to higher positions on Google. This confirmed Rank Fishkin’s study of manipulating search results based on click-through rate. The rate at which Google searchers click to a specific search result does in fact influence rankings.

How This Affects White Hat SEO

As a white hat marketer, titles of pages must be more attractive than that of competing results. The descriptions, page URLs and structured data will also make your results appear more attractive which will help increase the organic click-through rate to your page. A higher organic CTR won’t only bring more visitors, but it will also help rank you higher.

An agency like Taktical has experience optimizing titles and descriptions for hundreds of clients, and will be able to apply exactly what works to your website. Although structured Schema.org data may look intimidating and complicated, the technical staff at Taktical can find applicable markup for your website, and implement it, ensuring your website stands out the most.

Interested in learning more about Josh? Check out his book The Non-Technical Founder at any bookstore or his current company, an influencer marketing platform called Shout.

Interested in having your CTR increased? Hire Taktical and have peace of mind that your click-through rate is optimized properly.


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