Snap Announces Taktical as a Snapchat Certified Partner

Have you heard the good news?

Taktical Digital is thrilled to share that we’ve officially been selected as a Snapchat Certified Partner!

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What is a Snapchat Certified Partner?

As a Snapchat Certified Partner, Taktical joins an exclusive list of agencies that are qualified to build and launch both e-commerce and direct response Snapchat ad campaigns.

The partnership also provides unique access to the latest Snapchat marketing materials and event and training opportunities.

Working with a Snapchat Certified Partner will help you get the most out of advertising on this platform.

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There’s the unbeatable access to the best Snapchat ad resources.

And, there’s the benefits that come with having Snapchat actively assist with your campaigns to make them as successful as possible.

Shoppable Snapchat Ads

Wondering what advertising on Snapchat might look like in the future and why it will be such an important platform for brands?

You may already be familiar with Shoppable Snap ads.

These allow users to shop products without leaving the app.

Snapchat certified partner - Shoppable ads
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Shoppable Snapchat ads are displayed in a straightforward manner.

A user is shown an ad which features an array of products at the bottom.

By selecting an item, the customer is automatically brought to the vendor’s site to complete the purchase.

This format was previously only available to select advertisers.

Now, all businesses will now able to upload their product offerings and use the platform’s assets to design these Snapchat ads.

As a Snapchat Certified Partner, however, we receive the latest updates and tools to maximize the success of this format and future ad types.

Snapchat certified partner

Engaging Customers

Shoppable Snap Ads are an excellent way to engage customers, both old and new.

Since Snap displays these ads on the discover page, an entirely new audience can be exposed to your content.

These unique brand experiences are both convenient and engaging.

Leveraging Shoppable Snap Ads while they’re still new is a great strategy for building your consumer base.

Working with a certified partner that can get the most from these Snapchat ads is an even better idea.

AR Solutions

If an ad on the discover page doesn’t feel right for your brand, consider leveraging the Shoppable AR Lens feature.

Built into the Snapchat camera, these AR Snapchat ads let users apply filters and the like to their faces.

As Nicki Minaj demonstrated, advertisers can also sell products through these options.

Snapchat certified partner - Nicki Minaj ad
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Minaj used the AR option to give users the opportunity to purchase a branded necklace directly on the platform.

Augmented reality is just one of the latest features coming out of Snapchat.

Snapchat marketing will continue to evolve and lead innovative new strategies for reaching your audience.

Make sure you’re on the forefront of these advertising tactics.

Leveraging Snapchat Ads

Deciding where and how to advertise on Snapchat can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren’t up to date with best practices.

That’s where a Snapchat Certified Partner can help.

By partnering with an expert, you’ll have more tools at your disposal.

You’ll also be able to start advertising on Snapchat right away, rather than experiencing a sharp learning curve.

Contact our Snapchat marketing agency today to find out how we can help your next Snapchat marketing campaign exceed expectations.





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