Taktical Digital Announces Acquisition Of KonvertLab

New York-based growth marketing agency, Taktical Digital, has acquired KonvertLab, a B2B / Web3 and SaaS growth marketing agency based in Miami, Florida.    Key to the acquisition is Lewis Mudrich, KonvertLab CEO, who is staying on and joining Taktical as the Chief Operating Officer.   “I can’t begin to express my excitement for the opportunity for KonvertLab to join forces with a team like Taktical. Once we met the team, it became clear that we’re better off building something together,” Mudrich said in a statement.   “From the beginning, [we] said that we’d only consider an acquisition if it would expedite our growth. Based on aligned goals, internal values, and complementing assets, I truly believe this is an opportunity for us to become the de-facto SaaS digital marketing agency.”   KonvertLab’s staff of 16 will join Taktical Digital, growing the overall team to over 50 experienced digital marketers and support staff.  The move strengthens Taktical’s position as a go-to agency for B2B, SaaS, and technology/ecommerce companies looking to scale growth.    “It’s hard to imagine an organization that compliments our existing team better than KonvertLab. We are relentless in our pursuit of providing our clients and partners with best-in-class performance marketing services – Lewis, Tim, and the phenomenal team they have built strengthens our ability to do so. The entire Taktical Digital team is excited to continue building alongside them,” said Derek Rubinstein, Taktical Digital’s Managing Director.    

About Taktical

Taktical Digital, commonly referenced as one of the fastest growing agencies in the NYC area offers digital marketing services for SaaS and ecommerce companies that includes paid social, paid search, SEO, email marketing and Amazon marketing.  Clients include well-known brands such as Benjamin Moore Paint, Ellen Degeneres, Capsule Health, WeWork, BarkBox, Rachel Zoe and Care.com. The 8-year-old agency currently has 30+ employees and has driven over $2 billion in revenue for its clients. 

About KonvertLab 

KonvertLab is a digital ad agency that has made a name for itself by rapidly scaling multiple high-profile B2B SaaS and Web3 businesses. KonvertLab is a lean team of ads experts specializing in generating leads, sales, and revenue for complex B2B campaigns.   Through successfully solving many advertising challenges, KonvertLab has grown tremendously within its first 3 years of operations and has worked with many TechStars affiliated SaaS businesses amongst other venture-backed startups.




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