Fueled offers mobile app design and development, web-based product design and development, and digital transformation services. Fueled is also one of many companies within the Fueled Collective co-working space, where dynamic start-ups thrive.


Fueled Collective’s goal when hiring Taktical was theoretically simple. They wanted to increase traffic and leads.

However, there was a problem that complicated this job: Fueled Collective had no SEO or SEM implemented on their website. That meant they had no virtually web presence and no leads.


This unique situation called for a unique strategy. We broke the campaign into two different companies to ensure each received the attention they needed.One company was Fueled, the app development agency whose services can cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars. The other was Fueled Collective, the NYC co-working space for tech startups. Both companies needed massively expanded marketing.



We helped both Fueled and Fueled Collective grow rapidly with a strategy that involved these key elements:

  • Optimizing websites and launching new landing pages.
  • Targeting over 100 high-value keywords, such as “app developer” and “iPhone app development.”
  • Aggressively reviewing ad performance. We promptly removed non-performing ads and increased spending on ads that delivered results.
  • Bringing on a content and PR team, and aiming them at critical goals.
  • Building internal SEO.
  • Leveraging robust outreach for link-building.
  • Increasing blog posting from one per week to four per week.
  • Training the client’s in-house marketing interns to conduct outreach and brand-building.

The stats below show just how transformative the results of our strategy were:


First Graphical View


Second Graphical View


Third Graphical View