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4 Advantages Of Using Google And Facebook Ads For Your Online Store

An online store can be a great way to make money. With that said, the customers are not going to come to your store on their own. You need to reach them where they are and do a little advertising if you want to have any chance of success.

If you are looking to give your online store a boost, advertising online should be at the core of your strategy. Your business sells online and your customers buy online – that makes digital marketing a vital part of the operation.

For businesses that operate in e-commerce, Facebook ads and Google ads happen to be some of the best options. While the two ad platforms may operate in different ways, they actually offer some of the same benefits. In this post, we are going to look at four advantages of using Facebook and Google ads. 

Massive Reach

One of the biggest advantages these two platforms have in common is the reach. Facebook has more than 1.8 billion daily active users and Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches per day. When you consider those levels of activity, it creates a considerable amount of opportunity for advertising.

The key difference is how you are reaching the audience. When you look at Google’s search ads, you have an audience that is searching for information or trying to find something. With Facebook, you have an audience that is causally scrolling looking for something to catch their attention. 

Raise Awareness

With such large audiences, Google and Facebook ads are great for raising awareness. The more customers see your messaging and branding, the more familiar they will feel with your brand. Along with that, it will put your online store at the front of customers’ minds when it comes time to buy the types of products you sell.

Google search ads can do a little to raise awareness, but Google video ads and display ads tend to perform better for this purpose. On Facebook, you have a range of advertising options you can place in the feed of users to increase awareness. However, the maximum effect comes when consumers experience your branding and messaging through multiple platforms. This is one reason to work on Google ads while also using a Facebook ad account.


Push Traffic to Your Store

Both options can also be incredible for driving traffic to a website. Unless you are creating the worst Facebook ads, you should see an uptick in traffic not long after launching a campaign. For Google ads, you can see significant returns by going with their search engine marketing options. 

While both can be great for generating traffic, there can be a difference when it comes to the types of traffic you can expect. With search ads from Google, you are likely to see an audience that has more intent since they are already searching for products like yours. With Facebook ads, you might catch people at different stages of the funnel. That means it can be a good opportunity to direct them to information resources or a landing page that could help to seal the deal.

Affordable Advertising 

Both Facebook and Google offer affordable options for reaching and acquiring customers. They both also offer options for remarketing. If you want to know how much do Google ads cost or determine the cost of Facebook ads, you will have to consider a few variables. No two campaigns cost the same with either platform, but both are affordable.

Both Facebook and Google use an auction model to sell ads. That means you set a maximum price for what you are willing to pay for placement. Along with that, the type of ad and the payment metric have an impact on cost. As an example, paying for impressions will have a different cost than paying for clicks. Regardless of which platform you use, you will need to develop a bidding strategy to maximize your placements without overpaying for ads.

These are just a few of the advantages of using Google and Facebook ads. As you can see, they do share many of the same advantages, but they reach consumers in different ways and at different stages of the buyer’s journey. That is why it is often better to deploy a strategy that takes advantage of both ad platforms. When you take the best Facebook ads and combine that with a Google ads campaign, the two can work together to create a more effective marketing strategy.


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