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How to Write Content that Gets Over 100,000 Views (A Formula that Works)

While writing an article worth 100,000 views seems impossible, it isn’t as difficult as most would think. In fact, it’s simple enough to replicate – just write a resource article.

Resource articles, such as “30 Websites That Pay Writers” and “The Ultimate List of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts,” do well because they’re built to help the reader. These articles succeed because they not only instruct the reader, but also provide them with valuable insights.

This tactic isn’t just for writing-related content: Resource articles work for other topics, too:

A Bulletproof Five-Step Process for Creating a Successful Resource Article

While resource articles can be popular, they do involve extra time and effort. Here’s a five-step process to follow for creating successful resource articles:

Step One: Find a topic

The first step to creating a kick-ass resource article is to find out what the people want. Look for themes in audience demand either on your own blog/website or on other sites.

Step Two: Make sure your article is specific

Specific articles are easier to reference and share. As you can see from the examples listed in this article, specificity is essential to the success of a resource article. Topics ranging from geoengineering to special diets are all options here, with the precaution that the more niche the focus, the better.

Step Three: Do your research

Resource posts take a lot of time to write due to the amount of research it takes to create an accurate, high quality article. However, this research is the most important element in differentiating a high-quality resource article from a mediocre one. A good way to find quality resources is to go to a similar site.

Here’s a few tools that can help you do that:

Step Four: Verify everything

Make sure the resources you use link back to an active site. Once you’ve determined that all of your sources are active, be sure to fact check your points.

Step Five: Publish and Promote

Once you’ve confirmed your sources check out, publish and promote your article. Taking the extra step of contacting authors and resource curators is one way to make promotion more effective. From then on, it’s just about updating the article and keeping it relevant over time.


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