Taktical Growth Hacks – #121

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – Bust Into a New Market With LinkedIn:  

LinkedIn allows you to search inside your network, up to 3rd connections. This can end up limiting you when you are entering a new market and have a lack of connections.

Here is a hack to overcome this barrier and boost your sales in a new market: 

Go to Google and search:site:linkedin.com/in/ AND [job title]site:linkedin.com/in/ AND [company]site:linkedin.com/in/ AND [skill/category]site:linkedin.com/in/ AND [company] AND [job title]site:linkedin.com/in/ AND VP OR SVP OR EVP OR Director OR Manager OR SalesOps

Source: growthhackingidea.com


Growth Hack #2 – Red-Heads Get the Clicks:

Matthew Woodward ran a funny experiment through Facebook ads. 

He set 3 advertising campaigns. Everything was identical except for the image:

– Blonde woman 

– Brunette woman 

– Red-headed woman

Can you guess the result?

The ad with the image of the red-headed woman achieved a 40.4% higher CTR than the image of the brunette woman and a 66.6% higher CTR than the ad with the blonde woman. Weird.

Source: MatthewWoodward.com


Avoid False Promises

Growth Hack #3 – Avoid False Promises for 2X Higher Cold Email Response Rate:

Researchers sent cold emails to a thousand of the busiest business people in America: C- and VP-level executives from the Fortune 500 and the Inc 500.

They A/B-tested 2 different subjects and the same body:

1. “Quick Question”

2. “15 Second Question for Research on Annoying Emails”


The open rate was almost the same: ~50%. 


By over-promising on the time commitment with the “15 Second” subject line, they turned some recipients off. As a result, reply rates were very different:

1. “Quick Question” — 66.7% of total replies

2. “15 Second Question …” — 33.3%

That’s a difference in response rate of over TWO TIMES.


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