Where Can I See My Instagram Likes? Never Miss An Instagram Like

With its large audience and high user engagement, Instagram offers a lot of value for marketing. Beyond using Instagram ads, you can do a lot to raise awareness and sell products by posting on Instagram, liking the posts of others and commenting. The platform is all about engagement, so the more you engage, the more you can expect to get in return. Using ads and following clever Instagram hacks can be great for your marketing efforts, but engagement is key. With Instagram likes being an important part of the formula, businesses need to consider what they like and make efforts to manage the likes. For this reason, it can be useful to be able to go back to see Instagram likes.  Maybe you just want to go back to read the full post because you didn’t have time when you liked it. Maybe you want to go back to read some of the comments or leave a comment of your own. You might just want to review your old likes to see if there is an Instagram post that you would rather not have your name on. Whatever the reason may be, being able to find your past likes can be worth your time. While Instagram does offer the option to go back and see your old likes, it is not an obvious feature. You have to know how to navigate a few menus to find the option. In this post, we are going to show you how to find your history of Instagram likes.

Can you see all of your likes?

The ability to see every like from the very first you ever gave to the most recent would be nice. With that feature, you would be able to go back and get a picture of everything you have ever liked and remove anything you don’t want others to see. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Instagram only provides the option to see the 300 most recent likes. Even with that limitation, it can still be worthwhile to go back and check out your past likes.

Can other people see my Instagram likes?

Can other users see your like history? You have to be signed into the account to see the history, so other people will not be able to pull up a complete history of your likes. With that said, people can still see if you liked a post. If you liked a post, any person who can see that post could look at the list of likes and see your account in the list. That could be enough reason for some users to want to remove their likes from posts that might cast you in a bad light for liking it.

Seeing Your Likes on Instagram

Checking your likes on Instagram is simple. You just need to open the app and make sure you are signed in. As long as you are signed in, you can follow these steps to check your likes:
  1. Tap on the profile icon
  2. Click on the menu and select Settings
  3. Tap on account and then select Posts You’ve Liked
From there, you should be able to see the 300 most recent Instagram posts you have liked. Once you have the list on the screen, you can then scroll through them in chronological order. You can also take different actions like removing your like or leaving a comment.




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