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TikTok Marketing: Harness the Potential:

Before being acquired by Chinese-owned company Bytedance in 2017, TikTok was known as Since the acquisition, though, its popularity has truly skyrocketed. In fact, it surpassed Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat in terms of total downloads in September 2018. Then in February of 2019 it hit another milestone: 1 billion total downloads. It then crossed the 2 billion download mark in April of 2020. You can’t ignore this kind of traction.

The main attraction of TikTok is the 15- or 60-second looping videos. The platform isself-described as “the destination for short-form mobile videos.” Users can apply music or visual overlays to them to create personalized content that they can easily share. For brands, this represents a major opportunity to not only get in on the TikTok video content and influencer marketing trend, but also to reach a brand new, young audience. Plus, making videos on TikTok happens to be incredibly easy.

Tapping into a video-based social media network presents huge opportunities for brands. Plus, TikTok is still a relatively new platform, meaning it is a chance for digital marketers to become early adopters and take advantage of a space not overrun by other advertisers. Already, there are TikTok marketing agencies springing up everywhere. It is clearly a platform to watch, and getting on it now can mean huge lifts in brand awareness.

In April of 2019, TikTok launched a beta versionof a biddable ads system to the app. Following that, it opened the full self-serve ads platform in 2020. With this, TikTok started offering marketing and advertising options similar to those available on other social media platforms.

This includes options to create campaigns and ad groups, custom targeting and a range of ad-creation tools. Marketers can even use TikTok’s unique Creator Portal to browse creators that can produce content about their product, for a price of course.

Here are a few other important statistics to keep in mind about TikTok and its user base:

  • Over 63% of TikTok users are between ages 10 and 29
  • The app has more than 800 million MAUs
  • TikTok app installs have increased 96% YoY
  • Close to 80% of TikTok users are on Android
  • A monthly engagement rate over 70%


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What Advertising on Tiktok Looks Like Now

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While the new self-serve ads platform is relatively new, you can see a lot of brands experimenting with TikTok advertising. Instead of focusing on conversions, traffic, or sales, brand awareness is the main objective. Through platform-specific features (e.g. funny videos and hashtag challenges), organizations can reach a younger audience and resonate with them in an entirely unique way.

Forgetting the self-serve ads for a moment, brands have two main options for marketing on TikTok:

  • Create your own channel and upload videos directly
  • Partner with a TikTok influencer and release videos through their channel

Types of Content

Regardless of which direction you decide to take your TikTok marketing strategy (owned channel, influencer channel, or both), there are a few types of video content on the platform that you should know.

Music Videos

Regardless of which direction you decide to take your TikTok marketing strategy (owned channel, influencer channel, or both), there are a few types of video content on the platform that you should know.

Considering TikTok began as, a lip-syncing app, it’s no surprise that many of its users continue to create music montages and lip-sync renditions of their favorite tunes.

Your brand can create an original song and an accompanying music video for it. Or, go the light-hearted route and have members of your team lip-syncing to a popular song.

Humorous Shorts

TikTok is particularly known for its funny videos. People often browse through looking for laughs.

Recognize this method of TikTok Marketing and leverage it to create humorous content that presents your brand in a new light. This is also a great opportunity for the longer, 60-second video format as you can create a comedic narrative.


Hashtag challenges are one of the most unique features of TikTok, and therefore of TikTok advertising. These videos encourage users to record themselves completing an odd and/or funny challenge and then tag it with the appropriate hashtag.

Chipotle took advantage of this feature to issue a branded hashtag challenge. What resulted from their #GuacDance challenge were 250,000 video submissions and 430 million video starts in six days. It led to not only their biggest Guacamole Day to date, but also became TikTok’s highest-performing brand challenge in the U.S.

Any brand can do TikTok marketing similar, even if it’s not an official branded hashtag (which is a part of TikTok’s official ad options). Engage audiences with fun yet brand-related hashtag challenges, like the United Nations IFAD did with their #danceforchange challenge.


Another musical option, duets lets users record their own video using the same music in response to another user’s post. For some, this means recording a lip-synced response. For others, it can be a visual with music overlay.

Organizations like the San Diego Zoo have used this feature to duet with other, complementary companies. In their case, they recorded duet videos of their own animals in response to other animal-related accounts. Duets lets brands increase their visibility by tapping into another account’s audience. Additionally, they are a great feature for brands that don’t find traditional marketing methods effective, like Facebook or Twitter ads. The irreverent nature of TikTok as a whole makes this a true statement for any of the types of content on the platform, from hashtag challenges to humorous shorts. If you’re finding Facebook and Twitter too stiff or rigid, TikTok marketing is definitely for you.

Then, it’s time to select your target audience. This includes the option for targeting by subreddit, which is highly recommended. Between your own research and third party tools, you can analyze which subreddits are best for your Reddit marketing goals. Additionally, you have the option of selecting negative keywords and/or subreddits that you don’t want your ad appearing on.

Once it’s time to set your budget, you’ll need to place your bid at the highest amount you’re willing to pay. The Reddit advertising bidding system is based on cost per thousand impressions, and as mentioned previously, has a minimum daily budget of $5.

After setting up and optimizing the design of your Reddit ad, selecting the target audience and outlets, and establishing your budget, all that’s left is to submit your ad and then track it. Unlike with other platforms, you’ll want to track feedback left by users on your advertisement. This is one of the best methods for optimizing your Reddit advertising strategy and analyzing its success accurately.

AR Lenses

The app lets users overlay videos with fun lenses that transform the screen. This interactive element of TikTok advertising engages and excites audiences.

Similar to the comedic shorts, brands can use these overlays to show a lighter side of their company. Showing users you can relate to them by leveraging a TikTok feature like this is another way to increase loyalty and position your brand in a favorable light.

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Work With a Marketing Agency That Understands the Future of TikTok Ads

It won’t be long until the beta version of TikTok’s ad platform reaches full, self-serve status. Following in the footsteps of other social media behemoths like Instagram and Facebook, it will become incredibly important to understand how to advertise on TikTok and reach your target audiences.

Currently, the five types of ads available on TikTok are:

  • Brand takeovers
  • TopView ads
  • Branded hashtag challenges
  • In-feed video ads
  • Branded AR filters

As with any other platform, there are formatting specifications and recommendations for each of these. Working with a TikTok marketing agency can help. With experts on your side, they will have the best understanding and insider contacts to ensure your ads are optimized and running in the most effective way possible. From setup to management, a TikTok advertising agency can free up your bandwidth and remove any roadblocks that advertising on a new platform can present to brands.

Look for a TikTok marketing partner that has a combination of a proven track record, specialized tools, and clear expertise in social media marketing. They should be able to track results and prove the effectiveness of their strategies on the platform. Opt for a TikTok marketing agency that prides itself on metrics and real results. With a platform as new as this one, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking hard-and-fast metrics don’t matter. Instead, you should want to see facts and data that prove the strategy is working and meeting the KPIs you value most.

Taktical Digital: An Award-Winning TikTok Advertising Agency You Can Count On

Here at Taktical Digital, our internationally-recognized team has proven success in driving growth across industry verticals. We are industry leaders in paid social advertising, SEO marketing, and lead generation. Our data-driven approach sets us apart as a top TikTok marketing agency in NYC, and our awards attest to this. Again and again, we are recognized as a premiere NYC marketing agency for our expertise in PPC and SEO advertising.

Work with a team you can trust to execute and optimize a TikTok marketing strategy. Our data-obsessed marketers have proven success across social media platforms in maximizing ROI and building scalable campaigns. We partner with our clients to ensure they have visibility every step of the way into the creation, execution, and optimization of TikTok marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, we are able to provide expert insights and recommendations based on both our own experience and our access to elevated agency support. As a recognized partner of all major advertising platforms, including TikTok, Taktical Digital is able to bring the best tools and knowledge to every project.

We are a TikTok marketing agency with proven years of expertise, unrivaled tools and partners, and a results-focused approach that can ensure your company sees the best possible returns. Talk with us today about how we can help your brand tap into the incredible potential of TikTok marketing.

Why Taktical Digital?

Internationally recognized for both performance and prowess, Taktical is a premiere performance marketing agency. Our experience spans many diverse industries such as technology, fashion, and finance. With proven expertise in Facebook advertising, we help businesses launch, track, and improve their social media ad campaigns through our results-driven approach to Facebook marketing. Not only do our Facebook ad campaigns drive development for our clients, they effectively maximize ROI.

Preeminent companies such as Artsy, Capsule, and Rachel Zoe trusted us with their social media marketing because of our proven data-driven results. We are especially lauded on the collaborative approach we take with clients, ensuring transparency and flexibility every step of the way. 

An impressive in-house creative team optimizes design while an experienced Paid Social department focuses on the tracking, measuring, and reporting of data. Always at the cutting edge of advertising strategy, we use our breadth of knowledge in tandem with the vision of respected clients to maximize results. Taktical Digital is the Facebook advertising agency of choice for industry leaders and small businesses alike. Talk to us today about what we can do for you. 




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