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Boost the Impact, Growth, and Traffic of Your Blog in a Matter of 8 Simple Steps

If you are looking for information on ways to boost your blog’s traffic growth and impact, look no further! These 8 simple tweaks can help you go a long way and help you find the success you want.

Throughout this article we will be walking you through a step by step guide while providing detailed information and examples of the recommended changes you could make to get your blog the attention and traffic it truly deserves. Honestly, majority of marketers and bloggers are not aware of these little tweaks that can help them boost the impact of their blog and they’ll never make these changes. This creates an opportunity for those who do, giving you a huge advantage by helping you stand out from the crowd of voices.

1) Develop a Promising Value Proposition
A value proposition answers one key question, “What can you do for me?” – a lack of clarity on this question point is often the single reason a blog fails to garner the level of traffic that it should, or the stats that it could. This is a fairly simple step that can transform your blogging experience to a whole new level! This resource will help shape your content creation and audience more than anything else.

2) Create a Powerful Slogan
Creating a powerful, memorable slogan is the next step in helping to communicate and take home the value you provide your readers. A good slogan will be:
Also, a few aspects like the importance of placement, and methods for using your company slogan to ensure it is as effective as possible are things you must consider. Don’t forget that where and how it is used is just as important as what it says.

3) Get Professional Photos Taken
One common mistake bloggers make is to leave the visual imagery on their blog to chance, a mistake that can take your blog from professional to amateur almost instantly. Take the time to plan a photo shoot with a specific style and use professional tools if you must to get the specific look you want and that will literally make your site really pop.

4) Get A Professional Logo Made
A professional logo says ‘I’m Serious’ and gives your site the feel it needs to keep users coming back for more. Just like the other steps, a well thought out, modern logo is key to your blogging success. It doesn’t need to be overly complex, even a stylized version of your name is good – the most important thing is that it looks like you are serious and not a hobby blogger.

5) Modify and Update Your Blog’s Header
The header is where you integrate the branding elements covered in previous steps. The idea is to work towards creating a professional and powerful first impression for your reader.

6) Tweak Your Blog’s About Page
Always keep in mind that the ‘About Us’ page is the second most visited page on a blog, and deserves special attention. It is crucial that you provide your readers with information on who you are in a way that is user-centric – introducing yourself as you pertain to their wants, needs, and interests.

7) Build A List With A Magnetic Incentive
Building a list is one of the most valuable, and important, platform assets you can have. Without one, you will have no way of selling new products or projects. In order to build you list you’ll need a magnetic incentive, that is an offer that is too good to pass up and entices them to provide you with their first name and email address.

8) Brand Your Social Media Pages
It’s important that your social media pages are properly branded, and are consistent across all your online profiles. This is very important key to building brand recognition. This means be sure to use consistent pictures, logos and color schemes, and other important aspects as mentioned earlier.

The best part is, the mass of voices online is a big plus! It gives you the opportunity to make your mark, standing out and creating something unique – that is if you have the direction, clarity and willingness to make the changes necessary for success.


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