Why Infographics Work: The Science Behind Visual Data

Looks like infographics are the next best way to gain your viewer’s attention.

According to the CEO of Chartbeat, Tony Haile, 55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website. So it comes as no surprise to us that users are bound to switch from one page to another in a matter of seconds. With the rise in the number of screens that people use on a daily basis, getting even five minutes of undivided attention is getting harder day by day. With all this visual noise it can be really hard to get a user to concentrate on one specific page.

That’s where infographics swoop in.

Remember, the key to having people get your article, website or advertisement is good design!
If you notice reports, trends or the features of a product become much more clear when they are put together in a visual and colorful way.

Infographics have the power to tell a story and they do it really well. Whether you want to communicate a few simple ideas in list form, explain some weird facts or if you have a new concept you want people to understand, the key is to go visual. It’s always fun and it will definitely have impact. So go forth and shine, and by all means go infographic!

Here are 5 simple hacks to better visuals using Infographics:

1. Stay focused on strong uniform colors.
2. Steer away from any unnecessary elements, steer away from clutter and confusion.
3. In each design, create well-designed images that stand out.
4. Limit the use of color. Too much color can be confusing to the eye.
5. Don’t be afraid to go abstract.

You can also stand out from the rest and occasionally break through the clutter with an infographic. Damn, good design can even make warnings and rules look pretty awesome in an infographic form.





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