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20 Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in NYC

There are a lot of great businesses who just can’t take on the constant focus require to master the Facebook Advertising game. There’s no shame in it; plus, there’s plenty of great people to turn to when you need a hand.


In New York City, some of the best teams who handle things like social media advertising and digital marketing are world-renowned. There are a number of great agencies to choose from and it’s tough to take time reviewing them all. That’s why we’re happy to highlight the top 20 best Facebook Advertising agencies in NYC. 


Below, you’ll find the best names in the industry as well as a little information about their specialization and industry of focus. With this list, you’ll definitely find the right agency for you and your business. 

Top Facebook Advertising Agencies in NYC

  1. Taktical

Rated as one of the best Facebook Advertising agencies in NYC, Taktical is a trusted partner of household names across various industries. From Chase Bank to Bark Box, Taktical’s expertise in Facebook and digital media advertising makes it a favorite for brands around the world who look to bolster their digital strategy and brand storytelling.

  1. Break the Web

Next time a Panera Facebook catches your eye, thank Break the Web. This agency focuses on inbound digital marketing with a keen approach to SEO and PPC.

  1. Lockhern Digital

Located in Jersey City, Lockhern Digital works with SEM to help businesses of all sizes master the confusing world of social media advertising, as well as platforms like Google and Amazon.

  1. Acronym

With a “Search First” approach to advertising, Acronym specializes in taking time to learn what customers want for a brand and by creating creative channels to fill that need.

  1. P3 Media

With a longtime partnership with Shopify Plus, P3 Media has built a reputation on results-driven growth for ecommerce brands around the world. 

  1. Metric Theory

Crowdfunding giant GoFundMe and others turn to Metric Theory to craft digital marketing plans that take full advantage of Facebook and other digital platforms for advertising.

  1. Major Tom

Located in Manhattan, NYU itself utilizes Major Tom to reach huge audiences on the social media channels they use most to search, shop, and more.

  1. No Good

No Good bolsters many big names in its client list, including Amazon. This agency generates marketing ROI for its clients from day one.

  1. Fish Bait

From strategic vision to everyday execution, Fish Bait works with numerous clients to customize and tailor marketing plans to their every need.

  1. Where is My Brand

Specializing in out of the box marketing for Facebook and beyond, Where is My Brand brings decades of experience to its clients and serves every interest from web analytics to advertising assistance.

  1. Aumcore

Aumcore is known best in NYC for being an agency that immediately immerses itself in a brand and finds an efficient way to build on successes and points of pride. 

  1. Barrel

When it comes to ecommerce strengths, Barrel knows how to bolster what a brand does well and create new approaches for areas in need of attention.

  1. Blue Fountain Media

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, Blue Fountain Media has experience committing its expert team to the cause of any brand refresh or retooling of Facebook Advertising and more.

  1. iFuel Interactive

iFuel Interactive is a full service agency that focuses on every detail from identity in a brand’s online posts to translating stories across various channels. 

  1. Lasting Trend

This small team makes a big impact on its clients by finding ways for businesses to do more for their audience with less money than what they might be charged at a bigger agency.

  1. Lounge Lizard

With over 1,000 companies in its client history, Lounge Lizard knows the Fortune 500 world just as well as the startup scene. They make the most of any potential seen in any brand’s present and future.

  1. Markacy

Strategy is the name of the game at Markacy and everything from acquiring new customers to keeping them around goes into their approach to Facebook Advertising. 

  1. Converge

A team of 200 with a great knowledge of how to build tech solutions for the modern digital user.

  1. Kounterattack

When it comes to full-fledged Facebook Advertising campaigns, Kounterattack is best at stepping away from the crowd and tackling things from a new perspective. 

  1. Target Marketing

Last but not least, Target Marketing helps brands take to the next level with insights and strategy that help grow businesses in a scalable and realistic manner. 


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